Hi everyone!

I was thoroughly ready to embrace Spring the other day, and now the grey, drizzly weather has hit once again- dammit! I bought some beautiful tulips last weekend to brighten up the flat (and use for blog photos- shhh!) so at least I can feel Spring-like from the comfort of my sofa whilst it pours down outside.

This is my first ever ’empties’ post, and I’m excited to share with you all which products I have completely used up because I can be quite fickle and desert a product for a new one before I’ve finished it!  View Full Post

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank all of my followers to date on WordPress and Bloglovin’- I reached 100 followers last week and I’m already on my way to 150! Considering I have only been working hard on my blog for 6 weeks, I am so so pleased with the amount of support I have received in this short time, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading so far :) I would like to share my favourite go-to lip products that I have been wearing this winter (I tend to opt for more bright pinks and corals in the summer so there’ll be another list for then!) View Full Post


Brrr… it’s cold outside! And it’s snowing in wonderful Harrogate today, oh joy! I am not a fan of the snow for practical reasons, but it does look very beautiful when you wake up to a fresh blanket outside your window. It just annoys me how everything comes to a stand-still, all because people aren’t prepared for the slightest sprinkling of snow! I say: get your wellies on, get the parka out, stick some gloves on and go brave it! I know driving in more remote areas can’t be easy, but there’s standstill traffic on perfectly clear roads because people decide now is the time to forget how to drive. Well, that’s my rant over, and now onto how I’m keeping warm and snuggly not just today, but for the whole of the winter :) View Full Post


When I’m sat at a desk all day every day in an office that is sometimes on the uncomfortable side of chilly (we’re in the basement), the temptation to fill up on stodgy food and hot drinks to keep warm and stave off boredom is quite high. Because I work with a bunch of creative-types, they fully live up to the cliché and are obsessed with coffee, so the kettle gets put on at least 3 times a day. Fortunately, I’m not a caffeine person unless the flavour is masked by sugary syrup and so much milk that it’s barely even coffee (which comes at a hefty price from Starbucks or Costa), so I stick to fruit tea during the day to keep me warm and hydrated without the richness of normal tea (which I still love, just not as much and only I can make it how I like).

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