Me and George have been looking to move closer to Leeds, as his job and my degree are both around that area and, to be honest I’m ready for a taste of city life after living in the same place for my whole life (apart from my first year in halls, ugh). House-hunting turns you into a completely different person, and to be honest I haven’t slept properly since we started. The IKEA website becomes your new bff, and you’re suddenly interested in DIY and council tax and energy ratings. You won’t realise you’ve changed until someone asks you a very adult question like ‘What council tax band is this house?’ and you’ll reply at the drop of a hat before thinking ‘What?! When did this happen? When did I become an adult?’ Yep, it happened, and you didn’t even realise it. Poor thing.

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Hello lovelies, and happy Friday! I am so glad it’s the weekend as I’ve had a really tough week, I have just been tired all the time and it’s been getting me down. Today, I bought a 1.5L bottle of water and am on track to finish it by the end of the day, as well as having plenty of green tea. The healthiness is kicking back in as I just want to have more energy again! Anyway, nothing cheers me up like a budget lunchtime haul, where I take £5 of my hard-earned cash and see what I can buy on a budget, and I am particularly pleased with what I bought this week. Let’s have a look! View Full Post

Hello everyone- it’s Friday!

Hope you’ve all got that Friday feeling and are looking forward to the weekend, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or not. I will be celebrating with George in our own little way- cooking an M&S Dine In (yum) and then heading out for a few cocktails afterwards if we feel like it! But I know Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and it is after all a bit of a non-holiday as you should be sharing the love with everyone who matters to you every day of the year!

So, last week I started my new Friday series ‘Lunchtime Budget Beauty Hauls.’ Well, I have had a slight rethink, and thought: why should I limit myself to just beauty? I want pretty home things/jewellery/stationery too! So from now on, the series will simply be the ‘Lunchtime Budget Haul’ series. This is where I take £5 out with me on  my lunch break, and spend it on whatever I fancy that day.  View Full Post

So me and my boyfriend George moved in together almost a year ago, into our wonderful little flat in Harrogate. It may be small, but I couldn’t care less as it’s plenty of room for two people- one bedroom, one bathroom with an adjoining living room and kitchen. We had a great time deciding everything from paint and wallpaper patterns and colours, to looking at carpet and tile samples, but that was about as far as we got. Because we had to buy everything that we needed like a kettle, microwave, towels, toaster, etc, all the non-essentials like accessories and pictures got bypassed, and now a year on I’ve decided it’s looking a bit bare.

Last night, I handed my notice in at my waitressing job, but they offered me the option of staying just one night a week which I am seriously considering. Guess I really am that good! Haha ;) But either way, I am going to have a lot more free time and if I stay on, a bit of money to spare. I want to buy/make some lovely things for my home this year, as we’re going to be in the flat for a few more years until we’ve saved up for a house!

So without further ado, here is my ultimate wish list of things to hang on my wall. They’re not all necessarily affordable, but a girl can dream…

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