Hello everyone!

So, this weekend was very exciting for me as I attended my first ever blogger event! Since getting into blogging, I had started becoming aware of events going on and when I heard about this one hosted by Rock On Ruby I was so excited to attend and get to know some bloggers in real life! It’s so easy to just talk through social media and blog comments, but nothing beats meeting people face to face. This was a great event, because it was a clothes swap as well as a meet-up. Let’s see how I got on… View Full Post

Hi everyone! So, I had to jump on the Valentine’s bandwagon as it’s only two weeks away and whilst I don’t have any plans yet, I am still excited as I love all the window displays and beautiful things that surround Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect time to daydream about which of these gorgeous things you’d like to receive on the day, or even treat yourself with, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! View Full Post