Hellooo lovely people!

I don’t know about you, but the Easter weekend has been more appreciated for me this year than ever before- I’m sure any of you who work full-time will feel my relief! Having a 4-day weekend is like an absolute dream for me- no work on a Sunday for the first time in so long and off work Friday and Monday- this is the life! I’ve been doing a bit of shopping over the holiday so far- some bits for the flat and some bits for me- but there will always be more that I need want and I’m here to tell you about my most coveted pieces from my favourite denim collection- Miss Selfridge.

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Hi everyone! So, I had to jump on the Valentine’s bandwagon as it’s only two weeks away and whilst I don’t have any plans yet, I am still excited as I love all the window displays and beautiful things that surround Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect time to daydream about which of these gorgeous things you’d like to receive on the day, or even treat yourself with, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! View Full Post


Hi everyone!

So, 2015 is well upon us now (Christmas feels an entire lifetime ago!), and now that I’m cutting back to just one day a week at my waitressing job, my evenings will be all freed up for spending time with my favourite people, blogging, and getting back into exercising! Everyone knows that working out is so much more fun when you can do it in gorgeous gear that makes you feel good, as well as giving you the right support for the type of exercise you’re doing. View Full Post


Hello! I’ve had a lovely weekend, starting with finishing a hectic shift at work on Thursday night and being able to chill out and watch some films with George on Friday! We watched Rain Man and the start of Castaway (one of my favourite films!) I really enjoyed Rain Man, and was surprised at how well Dustin Hoffman portrayed his autistic character- definitely worth a watch and gave me a lesson on autism which is something I didn’t know a lot about until watching this film.

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