Hi lovelies!

I wanted to write a post today about the temptations we face every day as bloggers and blog readers. This has been a big thing for me since I started blogging and reading other people’s blogs, as I have started to notice that the desire to eat clean, look after my skin more, get out and do new things, and buy certain ‘blogger favourite’ products has popped up almost out of nowhere. Obviously, we all get envious when we see celebrities endorsing amazing products, and the results of their rigorous exercise and eating regimes, but when we see ‘normal’ people living similar lives but in a more relatable way, that envy is multiplied 10x because it’s something that seems much more attainable.

Prepare for a wordy, rambly post (apologies…)

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Hello lovelies!

So, it seems like every beauty lover has tried Benefit’s new Roller Lash mascara, which came free with Elle magazine this month and has caused a nationwide sensation! I have seen countless reviews of the product, most of them positive (and why wouldn’t they be? It’s Benefit!) but none comparing Roller Lash to Benefit’s cult mascara They’re Real. I have pitted the two against each other, let’s see how they got on… View Full Post