It’s time to get serious: My Plans for 2017


Happy New Year, one and all!

I’m so happy to be back to blogging again, and I intend to stick to it this time- and I mean it! I just wanted to write a quick little something about my blogging and YouTube plans for the year ahead, before getting stuck back into writing proper content again.

So 2016 was a pretty awesome year for me- I graduated uni with a 2:1 and a 1st in my Final Major Project (which was the biggest and most stressful piece of work I’ve ever done), got myself a job as a Graphic Designer a week before my graduation, left my Sunday job after seven LONG years, and got to travel to some amazing places and do some incredible things. There were tough times too, don’t get me wrong (I’m looking at you, dissertation and crushing self-doubt around my design work) but the highs made it all more than worth it.

I’ve been in my job for 6 months now, and during this time I’ve used it as an excuse to: a) not go to the gym, b) not blog or film YouTube videos, and c) neglect myself and my own wellbeing. But it’s time to be an adult now and start managing these things alongside my job, which we all know is possible with a bit of hard work (and a glass of wine or bar of chocolate here and there).

When I was on my placement year and started my blog (that was TWO YEARS AGO guys, what the hell), I really loved it because it was a place to write about the things I enjoyed and become a part of a community I had no idea existed. I truly enjoyed it, because I had the time to invest in it, and when I was bored at my placement waiting for more work, I was constantly working on my blog and social media. I want to get back to that place, but it will obviously take a lot more time and effort now that I’m actually, y’know, being paid to do a proper job 8.30-5.30 every day.

Photography is one of the major struggles I’ve encountered, that has stopped me from blogging as regularly as I used to. Taking the time and effort to decide what you’re going to write about and therefore photograph, gather props, get decent lighting (which is basically non-existent at this time of year) and then editing the photos all takes so much more time than bloggers get credit for. And this is with me just using my iPhone, not having to change any settings etc. I want to set aside one hour a week (on a weekend in the daylight) to take all the photos I need for the next few blog posts, so I have something visual in my post to get the writing juices flowing.

I do find that, for me, once I have the photography the blog post just falls into place because I’m not delaying the writing until I’ve taken the photographs for the post. I’m finding it pretty difficult to write this post now, without an image currently in mind *gets distracted searching through past pretty photos for an image to use.* Okay, I’m back- see? I just made the header image for this post in about 15 minutes- go me! And now I feel really happy that I can actually put this post live tonight- straight after I’ve finished writing it- there we go, I’m making changes already.

Basically, I feel ready to get back into blogging and investing the time in it now, and once you’ve got the drive then you can pretty much make anything happen. Yes, it will be hard with trying to get back into an exercise routine as well as blogging in the evenings, but at the end of the day I’m just going to go with my gut and do what makes me happy- whatever that may be!

Apologies if this was a bit of a rambly post, and not really clearly setting out my goals as such, but I just wanted to get things a bit clearer in my mind and get the year off to a good start with my blog. Here’s to a successful year! (I hope…)


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  • L i s a – C o w a n

    I love this post, it shows what you want to achieve but you’ve not got a clear plan, because of how busy you are at work and well, let’s face it, we all pig out when we get home. Just keep your head focused and you’ll get there, even if it’s later rather than sooner XO LC

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! I think when you have a really set plan and it doesn’t work out it can really weigh you down so I’m definitely just going to do what I can and what feels right for me :) thanks for reading! x