Live & Eat Pie | Pieminister Leeds

Live & Eat Pie sign at Pieminister Leeds

It’s so good to be back to blogging, I can’t even tell you how long overdue this return to my blog has been! I have to apologise in advance, because I’m talking about food- again. I’m not gonna lie, these most recent posts are quite old, because I wrote them and then just got stuck in a blogging dilemma where I’d written loads of posts about food and nothing else, so then I just didn’t post any of them until now and it’s about 3 months later *facepalms*. Basically, I’m not worried about that anymore- I want to publish the posts that I’ve written so I can get on with writing new content with a clear conscience. Now, we all know I love food, and when I have something to celebrate it’s the first thing that comes to mind. So when I handed in my final ever university project, obviously a meal out with George was in order! I bought a Groupon deal for Pieminister in Leeds before we went to Dublin in April, because I’d always wanted to go and it was less than £17 for two mains and drinks with the voucher!

Pieminister Leeds Menu

Interior of Pieminister Leeds

Lighting at Pieminister Leeds

Pork scratchings at Pieminister Leeds

I love pie, but I never have it at home, and very rarely choose it in a restaurant because, although delicious, they’re so filling and very naughty. So basically, I jumped at the chance to eat somewhere where pie was nearly the only option so I had no choice! We had to eat a lot later than we normally would because they couldn’t fit us in any earlier, but when we got to the restaurant there were loads of free tables so I don’t know what that was about…

Anyway, because it was quiet it meant that we had very friendly, quick and attentive service, which is always good. We ordered some pork scratchings to share for a little nibble, and they came with the most insane apple sauce. Like, it was the stuff of dreams. I’m not a massive pork scratching fan unless they’re from a restaurant, because I can’t stand the massive layer of fat you sometimes get on the packet ones (throws up), but these were delicious and very moreish.

The restaurant interior was exactly my kind of scene- rustic wooden tables, industrial-style décor and bare lightbulbs. I always prefer restaurants to be quite full so you get a better atmosphere and don’t feel awkward having a conversation knowing everyone can hear you, which wasn’t necessarily the case here as it is quite a small place. However, it was a rainy Tuesday evening so you can’t expect miracles.

Pork Scratchings and Wine at Pieminister Leeds

Moo & Blue Mothership pie at Pieminister Leeds

Chicken of Aragon Mothership pie at Pieminister Leeds

In the Groupon deal, we were allowed either a glass of wine or a beer, so we both went for a glass of Merlot because it goes so well with pies (I’m not like a fancy sommelier or anything, but we got it in the M&S Dine In deal once with a pie and it was very tasty). I wasn’t a huge fan of the glasses the wine came in, which were the same as the water tumblers- I’m normally all for quirky glassware, but it just felt wrong drinking wine out of something that in no way resembled a regular wine glass.

So, onto the food. We couldn’t decide between all the delicious-sounding pies on the menu, so decided on two that we both wanted to try and halved them. We went for the Moo & Blue, which was beef steak with stilton, and the Chicken of Aragon, which was chicken, smoked bacon and tarragon (they both look identical from the outside, obviously!) The deal included extras of mash, minted mushy peas, crispy shallots and grated cheddar, which is called the Mothership (if you ask for it then that’s everything you’ll get without having to order separately!) and it was the perfect combination.

Both pies were absolutely stunning. Like, I have never ever tasted pie like it before. The pastry was light and crisp, so it wasn’t too stodgy and didn’t distract from the amazing flavours in the fillings. The Moo & Blue was my favourite, because I love blue cheese anyway and the way they combined it in the sauce was just the right amount and oh my god I am drooling so much right now. The Chicken of Aragon was incredibly delicious too- the sauce wasn’t all thick and gloopy like you find with some chicken pies, and the flavours worked really well. Combining all of that with the amazing toppings and the mash was basically pie heaven. My heaven.

Interior at Pieminister Leeds

Exterior of Pieminister Leeds

So, overall a really great visit and absolutely delicious grub at Pieminister- I can’t believe I’ve finally been after hearing about them opening in London first and then Leeds- hopefully it won’t be as long until my next visit. However, since moving to Leeds me and George said that every time we ate out it would be somewhere different, and we are totally flagging on that at the moment. So, maybe the pie will have to wait a bit longer while we dig into all the other amazing food Leeds has to offer! Watch this space…


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