Top 11 Things That Make Me Feel Festive


I can’t believe it’s only a few days until Christmas- December, what the hell happened to you? I have always loved this festive time of year and, being the basic, simple pleasures kinda girl that I am, all of the classic Christmassy things get me into the spirit. But it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder, does it?

1. Muppets Christmas Carol

YOU GUYS THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS FILM EVER. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because they are wrong. I think it’s mainly the fact that it was probably one of the first Christmas films I ever saw, but there’s a strong possibility that Michael Caine also has something to do with it. The songs are so infectious, and the ghost of Christmas present is basically bae (if I ever used such a word, which I guess I do now). And those tears at Tiny Tim’s song- absolutely precious.

2. Michael Bublé

The Bub (pronounced ‘Boob’ of course), the Bubmeister, the Bub Extraordinaire. Nothing quite says Christmas like those dulcet tones, especially his version of White Christmas– and who could forget Cold December Night- my all-time fave? I just love popping those tunes on whilst I’m cooking the tea on an evening, or whilst I’m giving the house a good old clean- and on Christmas Day of course!

3. Christmas lights

I absolutely love it when I’m walking home and it’s dark, a bit chilly, I’ve got my Christmas tunes in my lugholes and there’s loads of pretty twinkly Christmas lights everywhere. I literally feel like I’m in a Christmas movie and it puts me in such a good mood. I had this exact feeling the other week and I had the best evening singing loud to my Christmas tunes once I got home whilst the boys were out!

4. Mince Pies

For some reason, I’ve really let myself down on the mince pie front this year. As in, I’ve only eaten like three. Seriously, what is up with that? But I am planning on baking my own for the first time ever this year (not counting grandma-supervised and essentially me just licking the spoon baking of years gone by) for me and George to have with our Christmas Eve dinner (we’re with our separate families for Christmas Day lunch). I saw Tanya Burr baking them in her vlog the other day and she made me feel sufficiently inadequate (when does she not?) so I’ve decided to up my game.

5. Putting up the tree

Well, duh! I have always loved decorating the tree, and it’s only been the past two years that I’ve actually had my own to put up! Me and George love decorating our tree, although it usually involves a lot of *ahem* bauble-juggling on George’s part, and me squealing at him not to drop and smash them. This year, we combined festivities and watched Muppets Christmas Carol whilst putting it up, and then listened to all our favourite Christmassy tunes. 1st December is where it’s at, baby.

6. Leeds Christkindelmarkt

Now, if you’ve never been to a German-style Christmas market before, you cannot say that you are living a fulfilled life. Like seriously, hop on a train and go to your nearest one- hell, even hop on a plane and go to actual Germany (my dream). The Leeds one is my ultimate favourite (not that I’ve ever been to another- yet) and never fails to make me feel Christmassy- the mulled wine in cute little mugs, the bratwurst and fried onions (prepare to enter my belly), and the adorable stands with cute traditional German gifts. It’s all just too perfect.



7. Speaking of mulled wine…

If you’re looking for a Christmassy drink, you can’t go far wrong with a good glass of warm mulled wine (although if you take a little pit stop for a glass of Bailey’s first, I wouldn’t blame you). It’s just that classic warmth you get from drinking it and smelling the rich, spicy goodness (George literally hates the smell- I have to sit at least 2 feet away from him when drinking it). I waited too long to try it, but for the past few years it has been a key part of my Christmas routine- don’t wait any longer if you’ve never tried it!


8. Opening my advent calendar

Nothing reminds you of Christmas like the daily chocolate-led countdown, the constant reminder of how long is left until the big day. I fully embrace my inner excitable child when it comes to advent calendars, deliberately choosing the most childish calendars possible for me and George. This is the second year in a row I’ve had a Frozen one. No shame. My one this year even has an activity for me to do each day, so I’ve been singing plenty of Frozen tunes and pretending to build ice castles like Elsa. As I said, no shame.

9. Present Shopping

Yes, it’s stressful as hell. Yes, you will want to hurt people, and will begin to consider whether a coat hanger can be used as an effective weapon. But everyone is in the same boat- we’re all buying gifts for our loved ones (or at least that Christmas party dress you definitely didn’t need- here’s looking at you, specimen hung on my wardrobe door) and enjoying the Christmas tunes in the shops and the many weird and wonderful things you see on a day out Christmas shopping. I love shopping, but when you’re spending money on other people you feel far less guilty. I mean you basically have to, right?

10. The obligatory work Christmas do

I’ve been at the same job for over six years now, and I’ve been to every single one of our clichéd mass-produced hotel meal-and-disco parties and seen inside almost every 4* hotel in Harrogate. And you know what? It’s a part of my Christmas now, and the fact that this year will (hopefully) be my last one before I graduate and get a ‘proper’ job makes me just a teeny-tiny bit sad. Because let’s face it, design agencies are far too cool and cutting edge for a cheesy hotel ‘do *sad face* So here’s to the last year of getting myself all dolled up and drinking all the free wine (haha just kidding we have to buy the drinks ourselves YAY).


11. Christmas reunions with the besties

Nothing quite beats the excitement of seeing your bestest pals for the first time in a really long time over the Christmas period. You’ve all been inhumanely busy living the adult life (or still being a student like muggins here) but this is the time you get to meet up, drink an unhealthy amount of mulled wine and Starbucks red cups, exchange your lovingly chosen Christmas pressies and have a mammoth catch up and belly laugh. Mine with my friends is in a couple of days and i can’t bloody wait. Come here my babies.


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  • Sarah Bristow

    Oh I just LOVE all of these things too! Nothing is better than being surrounded by Christmas lights and feeling like you’re in a constant film! And mince pies well I had quite a few of those yesterday…
    I would love to bake some this year though! I love the last one too, it’s always brill to catch up with old friends see people you’ve not seen in so long! Speaking of which, I need to see you!! Hope you’re well darling xxx

    Sarah xxx

    • Haha you’re so lucky! Although I did bake some mince pies today- finally! SO GOOD.
      I know we really need to meet up- I see you’re living in Manchester now so I’ll have to come visit- I love Manchester :) hope you have a wonderful Christmas Sarah! xxx