I’m baaack! A little life update…

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Oh hi lovelies! It’s me, actually blogging ohmygod I can’t believe it. 

So whether or not you’ve noticed my two-month absence from the blogosphere or not, it’s been a bloody long time and although it may be a slow return because I am still a busy little bee, I am so excited to be blogging again! A fair amount has gone on in my life since I last blogged, so it’s safe to say it’s going to be a bit more than a ‘little’ life update- brownie points and an extra large cup of tea and a biscuit for you if you stick this through till the end…

So, I’ll start with the easiest thing, which I never really wrote about at the time- I turned 22 at the end of August! Thats’ right, I’m officially feeling old guys- I’ve even started using eye cream. Like, that thing that stops you getting wrinkles that you always thought you could live without.

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Also, I never mentioned that over the summer I finally got to intern at my dream workplace- a design studio in Leeds that I never thought I would be good enough for, and I got to work there on two separate occasions! I feel like a nob for going on about it so much, because it’s pretty much all I ever talk about, given that it was basically my dream and all. It was pretty hard work throwing myself into it, as I was only there for two weeks at a time, so there was no time to be shy or hold back on the ideas. And I had a crappy cold for my first week there, so y’know, that was fun.

The biggest news being that WE FINALLY SOLD OUR FLAT!! I wrote my post on the joys of house hunting *sarcastic emoji* back in May, when we first put our flat on the market- I can’t believe that is six months ago now! It actually sold after just a month on the market, but then six weeks later after we had already had an offer accepted on a house and everything was in place, the buyer pulled out yeah thanks for that, douche. Then the same buyer decided to buy the flat again, and proceeded to pull out again ON THE SAME DAY. Who does that. Aaaand then another week went by and they finally said they would buy it again, but because of previous indecisiveness and general arsehole-ness we were literally wondering up until the day they signed if we were actually going to be moving or not. Stressful times guys, stressful times.


Not only that, but because we were so terrified our buyer would pull out, we couldn’t sign for our new house as early as we wanted. This meant that we had to move twice. Now, that wouldn’t have been so bad, if we hadn’t have had to move twice within the space of a week. That is unacceptable on even the coolest of cucumbers’ stress gauge. We lived at my mum and dads’ for a week whilst the papers for our house were being processed, and then we finally moved all our stuff into our beautiful new pad!

Oh, but the fun didn’t stop there. Oh no. Fate decided that it wasn’t enough to have our flat bought and dropped twice in the space of two months, to have to do the majority of our packing in a day because of the constant uncertainty, and to move twice in a week (which happened to be my first week back for my final year at uni). George started to feel really unwell during the week at my mum and dads’ and it turned out he had pericarditis (don’t worry, no-one knows what it is), meaning he had constant chest pains and shortness of breath (so, ideal conditions for lots of heavy lifting and moving…) It really was the crappest timing ever, and I was majorly behind on uni work and so incredibly stressed out with worry and moving to a new place.


We couldn’t have done it without my mum, dad and brother who helped us during the moving out/moving in phase so much- I felt so lucky to have people who could help us out with their blood, sweat and car boots. So yeah, we’re finally just about settled into our new place, which is so lovely and has amazing views over the city. It really worked out for the best that we ended up here and not in the original house we would have had if our buyer hadn’t pulled out- it needed so much work doing to it and if all this had happened on top of that I don’t think I’d be writing this because I would have smashed my laptop over my head by now. Living close enough to the city centre, but far enough away to have some peace and quiet and our own little community, is absolutely the perfect balance, and we couldn’t be happier in our new home.

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So, what else is new? Oh yeah, I might have been to see the band of both my 12 year-old and my 22 year-old dreams Fall Out Boy at the beginning of October *heart eye emoji x1000* When I found out they were playing Leeds Arena last year, I knew I had to get tickets no matter what the cost, and it was so bloody worth it. They are absolutely incredible live, and it really made my inner awkward emo child’s dreams of 2006 come true.

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And of course I’m back at uni for my fourth and final year. Where the hell has the time gone? All my freshers moments from living in halls coming up on my Timehop from three years ago is genuinely astounding. I feel like a totally different person since then, and so much has happened and changed. We thought we’d have to wait until I graduated to move in together, but here George and I are in our second home together already, and living in a new city! I’m definitely ready to take on final year now we’re finally settled (and I have my own desk in our spare room- how exciting!) Obviously I can’t wait to refine all the Pinterest-worthy details and share them with you all. Having your own house is a whole different league to having a flat- so much more decorating and furniture to consider!

I also ran my second 10K of the year on Sunday- the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash! It was so much more fun than I thought it would be, especially as the route is all flat and on road, which definitely helped in the vile weather conditions- and I did it in 1 hour 7 minutes after absolutely zero hours of training (oops, my bad). I did it with my brother Neil, and we were both quite naughty with our lack of training, but we made it through! I’m definitely planning on working on and improving my personal best next year, and maybe eventually I’ll be able to bear a half-marathon (emphasis on the eventually)

Me and Neil abbey dash

Well, I think I’ll leave it there for now! It’s been a hectic few months, and during the moving and transition period I just haven’t had any time or motivation to blog, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of it again now! I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting before I break up for Christmas as I’m trying to focus on my uni work to get the best classification possible for my degree, but I’ve got a lot planned for the Christmas break. A blog redesign, and potentially starting a YouTube channel- how exciting! Watch this space…

Until next time lovelies!


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  • reneejessome

    Nice to see you back! :) Sounds like you’ve had a pretty hectic couple of months! Congrats on the move and being able to intern at your dream job!

    Renee | Lose The Road