Autumn Fashion Wish List

Autumn Wishlist Title

I’m going to start off by saying this: I bloody love autumn. Okay, in England the weather isn’t always so great (understatement of the century) but the clothes, the snuggles, the ability to drink hot drinks without getting back sweat… it’s a bit of a dream to be honest. My favourite part? Pulling on a good ol’ pair of boots. I know plenty of people wear boots for the larger part of the year, but there comes a time when my little tootsies need to just breathe a bit. But it’s not just boots I love- oh no- it’s the whole damn autumnal fashion scenario, and I’ve put together a list of my favourites to get you all as excited as I am.

Autumn Wishlist 2015

1. New Look denim pinafore // 2. River Island white shirt // 3. New Look corduroy skirt //
4. Accessorize backpack // 5. Accessorize fedora // 6. Topshop jodhpur boots // 7. River Island roll neck jumper // 8. Sisley at ASOS roll neck // 9. New Look denim midi skirt //
10. Topshop trench coat // 11. New Look jacquard mini skirt


And because I am a wally and left this beautiful specimen out of my collage, it gets its own big picture and everything. And with good reason, because it is everything a scarf should be.

12. Accessorize claret check scarf

All the camel, berry, rust and denim goodness is just a little bit too much of a good thing, right? The things I’m really lusting after are some beautiful basics and pieces that I can mix together so that my wardrobe doesn’t completely burst at the hinges. That white shirt would look amazing with any of the other items on the list (apart from the jumpers, obvs) as would that mighty fine Topshop trench coat, which is the stuff of pure beauty.

Now, I’ve been in a bit of a dilemma regarding the fedora situation. I love this Accessorize fedora, because it’s the only one on the entire high street that doesn’t perch on top of my massive head and look utterly ridiculous- plus, it looks super smart. However, as much as people tell me I suit them, I just can’t make myself a hat person. I love wearing my woolly bobble hat in winter, but that’s when it serves a purpose of keeping my head all snuggly and warm, but a hat as nothing other than an accessory? Not sure if I can justify that one.

I could write an entire blog post on the reasons I love each one of these items, but I’ll cut to the chase; I want them all. I really, really want them all. And I’m just sorry I had to impose this list of delightfulness on you all, especially after my previous post on combatting blogger envy. Happy shopping!


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  • reneejessome

    Love, love that scarf!! I need to find a nice plaid one this fall!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    • I love scarves so much Renee, I definitely have an addiction! Hope you find a good one :)

  • Rebecca Marie

    Ohh i love all of these, especially the denim pinafore and the boots and scarf! xxx

    • I need that denim pinafore- it would go with so much! Like… the boots and scarf haha! xxx

  • ALL about the suede skirts for this fall, I am obsessed whenever I see a look featuring them!

    • The texture of suede is so great for autumn, I have seen it everywhere recently! xx