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Hi lovelies!

I wanted to write a post today about the temptations we face every day as bloggers and blog readers. This has been a big thing for me since I started blogging and reading other people’s blogs, as I have started to notice that the desire to eat clean, look after my skin more, get out and do new things, and buy certain ‘blogger favourite’ products has popped up almost out of nowhere. Obviously, we all get envious when we see celebrities endorsing amazing products, and the results of their rigorous exercise and eating regimes, but when we see ‘normal’ people living similar lives but in a more relatable way, that envy is multiplied 10x because it’s something that seems much more attainable.

Prepare for a wordy, rambly post (apologies…)

Now obviously, the idea of wanting to eat cleaner and look after your appearance and wellbeing more isn’t exactly the work of the devil. If there are people out there who make you want to take steps to feeling better about yourself then that is surely a good thing? But what if it sucks you in, to the point where you feel bad about your own life because you’re not living like these people? I’ll read blog posts about health and wellbeing that include things like eating chia seeds, flaxseed (and just about every other kind of seed) every day, going to a hot yoga class five times a week, and drinking fruit-infused water. I immediately think ‘Look how happy and healthy she looks, I have to try all of these things!’ so I put chia seeds and plenty of fresh fruit on my shopping list, look up hot yoga classes, and before I know it my entire weekly budget is being mentally spent on the idea of a perfect life and body. All these things cost money.

It’s exactly the same with basically any product endorsed by a blogger who you admire. If you can empathise with a person, then the likelihood is that if they say they love a product and it worked for them then you will be tempted to try it. This is a huge issue for me, especially with things like skincare, which can be pretty pricey. It’s not so bad if you read about the £5 miracle product from Superdrug, which is quite common among the blogosphere as we can’t all afford £50 body polishes and cleansing oils. However, when you hear about all the amazing, life-changing products from brands like Kiehl’s, Origins, Elemis and the like, you can’t help but take notice. Waah, I want the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm so bad.

The lifestyle aspect is also really difficult to ignore. Seeing bloggers who eat out all the time and get invited to exclusive brand events to be given freebies and meet people that we could only dream of meeting, it can get pretty tough. There’s a quote I have come across so many times since I started blogging…



The majority of quotes like this make me cringe, but this one is so bang on. It’s what I always remind myself of when I’m looking at accomplished bloggers who are reaping the rewards of their hard work. All it takes is a look back through their archives to see that they weren’t always the super glamorous, well put-together human being that they seem to be (and probably still aren’t, behind the photos and exciting vlogs). They are just people at the end of the day, and they still have their hang-ups and anxiety just like we all do, that one day people will stop reading their blog or watching their videos, or that people don’t like who they are or what they do.

All successful bloggers have worked incredibly hard to get where they want to be. It may take some less time than others, but remember we are not in competition here. The blogging community is about enjoying talking to others who understand what you’re about, and having those ‘only us bloggers’ eye-rolling moments that we can laugh about together. I’m pretty sure most people suffer from blogger envy, which is why I had to write this post to let you know- you’re not alone. Trust me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on blogger envy in the comments below! Thanks for reading :)


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    loved this post emma! I feel like this a lot sadly, I guess it hard not to when people only display their good qualities. I guess their lives don’t seem real, so when you have a pooey day it makes you think does ‘x’ not have rubbish days?! But then again, why would they display it!

    Kayleigh xoxo

    • thanks kayleigh! that’s exactly it- we all have rubbish days but we don’t write whole blog posts about them or broadcast them to everyone so it’s just an edited version :) xx

  • It really can be such a problem comparing yourself to each new fashion post (at least that’s where my envy lies) when I’m sitting here in a sweater I bought five years ago waiting for my next paycheck lol. We just have to remember the reason we wanted to blog and what our voice can actually do :)

    • I totally agree with you Brooke- at the end of the day we all started blogging because we love it and that’s all we have to remember! xx

  • reneejessome

    So spot on! You never really think about what goes on “behind the blog”. I’m sure my fave bloggers lives’ are probably half as boring as mine most of the time! Lifestyle bloggers are probably the ones I envy most! It just seems like they always have so much to do and someplace exciting to go! I just go to my 9-5 job, come home full of flour and most of the time think…do I really have to think of a blog post right now!? haha Oh well, its still fun! :) Great post!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    • Thanks Renee! Exactly, that’s just what you have to remember that they all have normal lives too but they just don’t broadcast it as much and they make even the mundane things sound interesting but they all get stuck in a rut too :) xx

  • That’s why I love reading relatable blogs who tell it like it is and who’ll make a joke about their terrible day instead of pretending it didn’t happen. Also, agreed on the blogger enabling… My wish list is about a mile long now, whereas before I got into blogging I’d only get things I actually needed, or maybe as a treat if something caught my eye. Now I’m all “I need that new blusher even though i already have 5 others”.

    I love your take on the beginning/middle, you’re right, bloggers with seemingly perfect lives have worked hard to get those things and that lifestyle!

    Laura x

    • Haha I totally agree Laura, I always thought I only needed one version of each product before blogging, and now I’m like ‘oh, I probably need a different foundation to wear when I feel like a change’ it’s so tempting! Exactly, we just have to remember that hard work pays off in the end! xx

  • Ashley Mayerich

    You’ve hit the nail on the head here! I try to remind myself that I as well as fellow bloggers only post what we want others to see. We don’t post or read about all the boring parts of life as we try to make ourselves seem interesting and that our life in more exciting. Its hard working a 9-5, a second job as well, and then keeping up with blogging and all of the exciting things I find others doing.

    • Thanks Ashley! I know exactly what you mean- when you love blogging you want to carry on with it even when you’re working multiple jobs as I have this past year so you do feel like you’re putting a lot of effort in, but then that’s how all good blogs start out! And it’s easy to forget that all our favourite bloggers are normal people too with bad days, and plenty of other issues too just like us :)

  • Kat

    Really great post (: I’ve only recently started blogging but I find that I’ve been comparing myself to other bloggers more and more, admiring their work and wishing my blog was as successful as theirs. I just remind myself that it takes a lot of time and effort to grow a blog as you said, success doesn’t happen overnight!

    Kat | Peachy Pink Gloss

    • I hope this post has made you feel better Kat- it can be very intimidating as a new blogger but just keep reminding yourself, as I still do nearly one year in, that if you put a lot of hard work in then it will pay off. But the main thing is to enjoy your blog because it is your hobby at the end of the day! xx

  • This post was so spot on! It’s really difficult not to become impatient when you see other bloggers’ success. I try to use their success as motivation or inspiration. Otherwise you will just feel discouraged. Great post!


    • That is great advice Felicia- I definitely need to remember that! Thanks for reading :) xx

  • Carolin

    Thank you so much Emma for sharing your thoughts on this. I do get envious of well put together photography as I feel I invest so much time and still not achieve the results I’m after. it is just natural to compare to others and there will always be someone better than you. But you know what? Everyone is also an individual and I like what you’re doing. It makes you, you! Please keep up the good work and I’d love to meet you one day. It would be amazing to catch up with you in person over tea and cake or maybe if you’re ever around in London go to an event together. Have a lovely weekend xxx

    Caz | Style Lingua

    • Aww Caz what a lovely comment! I really hope I can meet you soon too, and it’s just a testament to what I’ve written here about how the blogging community is more important than the competition between bloggers! It is hard not to put yourself down, but you have to remember all that you’ve achieved so far and your blog is so great so keep up the hard work and you will definitely get the rewards you deserve :) hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far xxx

  • This is such a good post! I’m new to the blogger community but can definitely relate this to life in general as well!

    L xx