10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling A Bit ‘Meh’

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With Autumn fast approaching, the British weather has been somewhat disappointing of late. The knicker-flinging excitement of the hot OMG let’s put floaty summer dresses on and sunbathe now weather we had in July is long gone, and I don’t know about you guys, but the inbetweeny-ness of it all makes me feel a bit meh. Of course we’re all entitled to this feeling whatever the season and even if your life is super-duper charmed, even if you’re the Queen, there are times when you just feel a bit icky and you can’t really explain why.

This is probably my least favourite feeling like ever because you don’t even know why you feel that way. All I know is that there are a few little things that I sometimes do when I’m feeling like this and it makes me feel a thousand times better. 


1. Have a shower – if I’ve been sloth-ing around the flat all day, and have zero motivation for life, I force my lazy onesie-clad bum into the shower. It is probably the top thing to break you out of a rut, especially if you stick your head under the water to give yourself a proper wake-up.

2. Paint your nails – this totally helps give you all the sass if you’re feeling a bit down about life and staring at your bleak, depressing nails really isn’t helping the situation. Dig your old fave colour out, give your nails a proper shape and buff, and give those claws some colour.

3. Give your body a good ol’ scrub – if you’re gonna go for #1 and get in the shower, give yourself a good pamper whilst you’re at it. You can’t beat the feeling of sloughing away the old you and revealing a sparkly goddess underneath, and my new favourite scrub for doing this is the Beauty Kitchen Inspire Me Brightening & Toning Body PolishNot only is it super scrubby on all my dry bits, but the invigorating fresh citrussy smell is a great wake-up call, and the oils make my skin all soft and touchy-feely. I literally rubbed my legs all day after using this– I think I love it just as much as (if not more than) the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub– and that is saying something. It also comes in a cute reusable jar- I am obsessed with jars so I’m kinda excited for when it’s empty even though it means I’ll have to buy more scrub!


4. Make yourself a proper hot chocolate – and I mean proper. Get out all your fancy ‘I’ll save it for a rainy day’ bits and bobs because today, my friend, is that day. Favourite mug? Check. The nicest hot chocolate in your cupboard? Check. Cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, extra chocolate- whatever floats your boat, just chuck it in. Screw the calories.

5. Put make up on, even if you’re not going anywhere – we usually wear make up to boost our confidence, right? Just because you’re not going anywhere, doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel your best. Now, I love slobbing around with my blotchy face out as much as the next girl, but if make up is your thang and you catch sight of yourself in a mirror and want to go stick your head in a hole, then just put your face on and get selfie-happy. 


6. Watch a Disney film – or just any old film from your childhood that you maybe haven’t seen in a while. Nothing makes me feel better than cosying up and reminiscing with a film I haven’t seen in ages, even if it’s a really cheesy tween film that I used to love (I’m looking at you, Princess Diaries) and remembering which scene goes with each cringey teen pop song (even though we secretly all love them still, right?)

7. Whatsapp your besties and get chatting – found a funny meme that you know would make them laugh? Send it (I do this with my friends far too often… or maybe not often enough) or just send them a group of unrelated emojis as a kickstarter- we all have our different ways of being total idiots with our nearest and dearest, so go do what you do best. Have a catch up, and tell them what’s on your mind- they’ll perk you up in no time.

8. Tick some things off your to-do list – sitting around thinking about all the things you should be doing will only make you feel guilty. Actually doing a couple of those things will make you feel a whole lot better, and if you want to chill out and not do much after that then you’ve earned it! If in doubt, just do it.


9. Treat yourself to something you want- not something you need – your monthly budget can easily feel swallowed up by all the routine things we need, like cleanser, food, shower gel- things that we usually buy without thinking about. But if you really want that pricey cleanser that everyone’s raving about, then try it this time! Or buy the nicer brand of soup for your lunch that you’ll actually enjoy. And that Lush shower gel that’s a tenner a bottle? If it’s gonna make you feel just that little bit sparklier every time you shower, then it’s totally worth it.

10. Light your favourite candle, get in the bath and just don’t think about anything – I currently don’t have this privilege, as our hot water tank doesn’t last long enough to run a full bath (woe is me, crying emoji x10) but having a bath with just candles and bubbles is the cliché of relaxation, with good reason. When you get out, go read a book and maybe do a couple of the other things on this list- you’re on a roll!

I hope these tips can help you get over the inevitable Autumn blues, which will probably come at some point even if you love Autumn, like I do! It’s the odd weather, mixed with flirting with the idea of wearing a jumper and ordering Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks, mixed with days where you’re definitely overdressed and feel like a walking sweaty mistake in your roll neck jumper. Autumn, I just don’t know where I stand with you! Whatever you’re doing this month, whether you’re going back to uni or school, or starting somewhere new for the first time- take some time to chill out and enjoy yourself!

Emma x

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  • Carolin

    Having a shower helps me now and again. I feel it is a great place for inspiration and I get my best ideas under a hot stream of water. When i feel meh, I totally give in to it though. I wrap up warm, I have some tea, I watch some films, I have some comfort food or a nap. Sometimes you just need that :)

    Caz | Style Lingua

    • Yes I love having showers Caz, it always makes my mind feel fresh and inspiration start flowing again! I love embracing the feeling especially if I’ve got no plans for the day, but if I have things to do I can feel totally unmotivated unless I do something to shake it off! :)

  • Showers are my go to for getting out of a rut. You just feel clean, empowered, and motivated to take on whatever’s next. No one wants to face anything (especially if you feel gross.)

    • I totally agree with you Brooke, it’s definitely the best thing on this list to break you out of a rut! Thanks for reading :) xx