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Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE my Apple products. I am a sucker for my iPhone and Macbook, and if I could afford it I would have the entire product catalogue at my fingertips. BUT I am fully aware that they are not the cheapest, most accessible products on the market, especially with the iPhone 6 on Pay-As-You-Go costing in excess of £550 (not that I would ever pay that- contracts are my friend).

When I was offered the chance to trial the Microsoft Lumia 640 smartphone, I was pretty excited. It’s not every day that, as a small-time blogger, you get to trial fancy gadgets for free, and I was curious to give up my trusty iPhone for a couple of weeks to try something totally new!

I’ll start off first by saying that, unfortunately, I couldn’t trial the phone fully as my new teeny-weeny iPhone 6 SIM card was too small for it! This does make this review a bit limited, as normally I use my phone A LOT, and am completely attached to it all day. I couldn’t use this phone when I was out and about, without wifi, but I used it at home whenever I went on social media or played music, to give it a good try.

My initial impressions were pretty good- the phone looks great, and comes in four different colours, so you can choose which one fits your personality best (or just buy a case, as I always do!) I actually really liked the orange, but if I were to choose it would probably be the white one. If I were choosing a smartphone that had all the features I use on a daily basis, there would be no reason for me not to choose this one. With a SIM-free price of only £130, it’s an absolute steal for all the smartphone technology packed inside, and contracts start at only £10.50 a month- say whaaaaat?! wish that were even an option for the iPhone.

I listen to music on my phone A LOT, and the speakers on this were as good as any. I don’t think I could tell any difference to the sound on my iPhone, but I’m not massively up on sound quality so maybe they’re not quite as good. Still, I am definitely picky when it comes to sound, and if there were any problems I’m pretty sure I would’ve picked up

Although the camera on the iPhone 6 is definitely better, if I hadn’t iPhones for so long before I wouldn’t think twice about the quality of the Lumia 640 camera. It has a nice big, clear screen so taking blog photos would be an absolute pleasure (I only ever use my phone for blog photos, so this is a big win for me) I wished I could photograph the phone with its own camera to show you guys! I did take a couple of pictures below for you to see the quality of the images. They’re a little bit grainy compared to the iPhone pictures, but for the price of the phone it ain’t half bad!



Now for the slightly less appealing points. First of all, the Facebook app. Now, I don’t know what the hell was going on here, but for some reason on my timeline every post that someone had shared would show up twice- once to say who had shared it, and then a second time showing the original post! This was very frustrating when scrolling through, and the layout of the app in general didn’t appeal to me at all. This is more to do with the Microsoft store version than the actual phone, though.

It was always going to take me a while to get used to a different operating system to iOS, and I did find the Microsoft menu and layout a bit disorientating at first. It’s great to look at, and I suppose if you have the time to get used to it by using it throughout the day it would be a great system, but for me it wasn’t simple enough. Also, when I tried to log into my Microsoft account to make app purchases, the ‘continue’ button didn’t show up to log in until I turned the phone off and on and entered all my details all over again!

So in summary, who do I think this phone would suit best? Anyone who’s starting uni and is worried about having a really expensive phone that could easily get lost/stolen/broken- YOU NEED THIS PHONE. Obviously phone insurance is a must, too- just do it, guys, trust me- but at least this phone isn’t a brick and won’t cost your entire year’s rent to replace.

Secondly, anyone who is new to the world of smartphones and doesn’t want to invest in an iPhone that they won’t even use every day. I’m talking your mum, your nan, your great uncle. This is the way to bring them into the 21st century (unless you’ve got one of those super cool families who all own iPads and FaceTime each other every day, in which case- go you). They can still have some street cred whenever they do use their phone, and for a first-timer I imagine it’s probably pretty easy to use.

Will I be replacing my iPhone with this? Sorry, but no. 1) Because I only just renewed by contract and 2) It’s just not quite good enough for me to let go of my Apple addiction. However, this doesn’t exactly go against the phone as it would take a super-duper-fantastic-modern-marvel-type-incrediphone to ever make me want something other than an iPhone. Yup. I’m in too deep, guys, but there is still hope for any of you who haven’t bought into the Apple lifestyle yet. It’s like buying a high end mascara- once you go there, you’ll never want to go back.

If you’re looking for a smartphone at the moment, I hope this review was useful, and I would definitely suggest considering this as one of your options. When all is said and done, there really isn’t that much difference between all the smartphones on the market- they all have their good and bad points- and the Lumia 640 is as good a choice as any in my opinion!

Emma x

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  • Carolin

    This was a very in-depth and helpful review Emma. Thanks so much for sharing. I have an iphone 6 as well but had an eye on the Nokia Lumia. I used to have Nokia phones all of my life and only went with Nexus and now with Apple. The design is appealing but I’mnot sure if I’d like the windows 10 display. Also the camera is a big factor for me, iphones will always win I guess.

    Caz | Style Lingua

    • Thanks Caz! My first ever phone was a Nokia, but I’ve dabbled in Sony Ericsson and then iPhone and I just don’t think I could ever leave my iPhone behind now! I definitely rely on the camera a lot, so iPhone is definitely a winner there :) glad you enjoyed reading! x