Wales Holiday Diary | Discovering Aberdovey, Beach Walks and Ice Cream


Hello lovelies!

At the beginning of July, I went to Wales on holiday with George and my parents. It was such a relaxing week and I wanted to share my photos and experiences with you guys! I had never been to Wales before, but my dad was actually born in Aberdovey where we stayed in North Wales, and I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I loved it there. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the UK, and I loved the combination of countryside and beaches- you’re never far from rolling hills or a sandy coast.

Our cottage was in the perfect location- up a pretty steep hill (for working off all the ice cream and wine!) so we had views over the coast and, behind us, miles of countryside. The decor was all nautical-themed, with beautiful, rustic furniture and adorable boat decorations. It was the perfect little bungalow, sleeping four people across two generous double bedrooms- and we got the one with the en suite bathroom! We had patio doors leading out into the garden, which was the perfect place to have a BBQ- and we did, as soon as we figured out where the supermarket was!

The garden was HUGE- it had three different levels- the main patio, then one with a grassed area, then at the bottom a summer house with chairs to sit out. However, we didn’t really use the bottom areas, because the views from the top were the best! How picturesque is the little swinging seat and all the beautiful flowers?





In the evening, we went on our first evening walk. It was fairly gloomy by this time, but still warm and perfect for a stroll. We explored the area around our cottage, before heading down to the beach. There were so many jellyfish washed up by the tide! We saw loads throughout the holiday- some were absolutely huge!

I’m pretty pleased with the picture above- I told George that if him and my dad ever become a musical duo, this will be their first album cover- it’s so ‘man band’ it’s unreal! Seriously though,  even without the sun shining, the scenery was just gorgeous. We walked along to the house where my dad spent the first three years of his life, which is beautiful and has been repainted in blue and white- such a picturesque seaside house.

The next day, we went to Barmouth, a gorgeous seaside town about 30 miles from Aberdovey. We had lunch in a little cafe in the centre, but I wasn’t really impressed with it- they barely had any ingredients so couldn’t make the sandwiches we wanted and they didn’t seem bothered at all. However, I did have THE most delicious Aero mint hot chocolate there, mmm… Eventually the sun came out and me and George headed to the beach, because he was desperate to catch some crabs in the rock pools! Not without some ice cream first though- I had cherry pie flavour and guys you need to eat all of it the next chance you get. Don’t choose anything else. Ever. SO GOOD.
After searching for ages, giving me the chance to practice some rock climbing (jk I was trying not to fall arse-first into the water), George found a teeny-tiny crab and he managed to catch it and hold it up, only for me to take a hideously out-of-focus picture. Useless. We walked along the railway bridge in the photo above, which had some gorgeous views back along the coast.

That evening, I’m sure I came pretty close to food poisoning through an encounter with a dodgy-looking pulled chicken burrito from the Dovey Inn (don’t eat there, guys, just don’t). The replacement pulled pork burrito was a bit more satisfying, but it wasn’t anything special. It was just cheap microwaved crap, but everyone else seemed to enjoy their food so that’s something! At least I had a delicious pint of Peroni to wash it down with.

So that’s our first day and a half covered! I didn’t want to overload you guys with photos and stories, so I’ll be doing a few more posts covering our trip and everything we did. Hope you enjoyed this first instalment!

Emma x

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