What’s Cooking? May Edition

What's Cooking? May

It’s that time again- happy June everyone! New month means new recipes to share with you all, and as always I’ve been amazed with the new delights I cooked up in May. Doing these monthly posts makes the months seem so much shorter- it feels like yesterday that I was writing up my recipes for April!

swedish meatball recipe

Ultimate Swedish Meatballs – The Londoner

Oh wow, you guys. These sexy, sexy meatballs are just something else. I made Rosie’s Tricolore meatballs and Vegetable soup last month, and was very pleased with the results, and she’s only gone and done it again. I’m a little late to the party, as this recipe has been on her blog for a while, but I am so glad I discovered these beauties!
I used turkey meatballs instead of pork or beef to keep the fat content down, considering there is *shock horror* cream in the sauce! I rarely use cream in cooking, and would probably use low fat creme fraiche in the future, but I wanted to follow the recipe this time and boy was it worth it. The sauce is so rich and smooth, and there’s plenty left to pour over veg or pasta as a side dish.

I served them with asparagus on the first night (I used 24 meatballs, so we had 6 each which eliminated the need for pasta) and then a tiny portion of tagliatelle the second night as we had no veg in- they heated up nicely in the oven the next day!

My rating: 10/10

simple dairy gluten free thai stew curry recipe

Red Thai Curry Stew – London Beauty Queen

This was a funny one, because when it was freshly-cooked we both thought it tasted amazing, but when I reheated it on the second day it just wasn’t the same. I think it was partly down to the coconut milk which made it quite rich and sickly after a while, and partly because it all went just a bit too mushy. Second-day courgette is just not that great, I’m afraid. However, I think if I had used the red thai curry paste as suggested then the flavour would have been stronger and eliminated the sickliness of the coconut milk. It just needed that extra oomph I think!
I added green and yellow peppers, spring onions, courgette, red chillies and tomatoes as my veg, and also popped some lentils in as well as chickpeas to thicken it up as the sauce seemed quite runny and I like it thicker.

Tip: Eat it all on the same day you cooked it- this is not a good reheater, especially if you’re using ‘mushy’ veg like courgettes.

My rating: 6/10

spicy sweet potato soup

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup – Milk Bubble Tea

I’ve always loved Becky’s blog for her amazing photography and Pinterest-worthy homeware, but now she’s totally won me over with this beautiful yet simple soup recipe! Recently, I have been completely obsessed with making soup of all kinds, and sweet potato is such a great, cheap base for a healthy, hearty soup because it literally goes with anything! I know soup may not be some people’s meal of choice with the weather warming up, but I think it’s perfect for any time of year and it’s great to take to work for lunch too!
Since making this recipe, I’ve also made sweet potato, chilli, lentil and spinach soup which was delicious and so filling- you don’t even need bread with it, which is great for me as I’m trying to cut down on eating bread because it makes me so bloated. Although I wish I had the divine Le Creuset Casserole Dish to make it in (I nearly cried when I saw the price!), a large pan did the job just as well. Investing in a hand blender was the best thing I ever did for my cooking- I love it- soup is just so easy to make with it!

My rating: 10/10

Peanut Butter cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies – BBC Food

As it was my last day at placement on Friday (sob) I cracked out the scales for a good old bit of home baking. I love baking, but rarely have the time (or the spare calories) to do it, so when a special occasion presents itself I’ll be the first out with the goodies. For mid-week, I made these incredibly easy and delicious peanut butter cookies. The recipe is so easy- you don’t even need scales!
I doubled the quantities and made around 16 cookies, which was perfect for passing round at work. I had to add a splash of milk to make the dough stickier, as it was quite dry initially, and this worked perfectly. Using cheap peanut butter is perfectly acceptable- you can’t tell the difference once it’s baked into little rounds of deliciousness! They were perfectly crumbly and delicious, and tasted so good when fresh out of the oven.
I can’t decide how I feel about the size of them- as you can see from the picture they’re more like bites than biscuits- so I think they’d benefit from a bit more flattening, although I also sort of liked the chunkiness! Go with your gut (it will probably say ‘Make them any damn way you want, and get eating!’)

My rating: 8/10


Salted Caramel Latte Cupcakes – variation of this recipe

This cheeky little recipe had them all fighting over the limited supply at work on my last day! I started off with the banoffee cupcake recipe above, but knew I wanted to make them coffee-based, so instead of adding all the banana and Carnation Caramel to the batter I did this variation:

4 teaspoons instant coffee dissolved in 1 tablespoon boiling water
4 tablespoons Carnation Caramel

125g Self-Raising Flour
125g Baking Spread
125g Caster Sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon Baking Powder

I then made the icing the same as the recipe, mixing in a few pinches of salt (although this didn’t give much of a salted caramel flavour- I’ll try adding more next time), and then refrigerating for a couple of hours so it was nice and set for icing my cupcakes! I finished them off with a sprinkling of rock salt on top of each, et voila! I would have drizzled them in caramel as well, but I used it all up in the icing- maybe next time. The cakes came out deliciously moist, with a slightly crisp top (they needed longer in the oven- around 30 mins) and my mouth is watering describing them right now!

My rating: 10/10

I have also revisited the Chicken Tikka Masala and Healthy Fish and Chips recipes a few times, from previous What’s Cooking posts, which you can read here and here.
Another favourite this month has been making ‘tortilla pizzas’ using a wholewheat tortilla (or two if you like it thicker) as the base, with tomato paste and feta cheese (or you could try goats cheese or light mozzarella) with toppings like peppers, grilled chicken, red onion and mushrooms. They only need 10 minutes in the oven at around 180 degrees, and they make a great healthy tea that you can customise to your own tastes (and load with toppings!)

What have you all been cooking up this month? Pinterest and Bloglovin are my current sources of inspiration, but I love getting new recommendations!

Emma x

All images come from the source of the recipe, which is the link alongside each recipe name.

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  • Mmmmmm these all look SO delicious! Thanks for some recipe inspiration x

    Sophie Cliff

  • The salted caramel cupcakes oh my god..I have to make them NOW!! Glad you liked the Swedish meatballs. The pride of Sweden haha x

  • Sarah Bristow

    Errrrrm salted caramel latte cupcakes did you say?!! Pass me the ingredients now! He he they sound delicious. Also, I Deffo wanna dry Rosie londeners meatball recipes! I have seen quite a few people try out her recipes and they always look SO good so aI deffo wanna try out some of these for myself.
    Sarah ️xxx http://www.whatsasssays.com