Why I’m Running My First 10k to support Cancer Research UK

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend- mine was very exciting and eventful which I’ll explain in a later post! I wanted to tell you all that I’ve signed up to run my first ever 10k- the Race for Life in Harrogate on Sunday 14th June- to support Cancer Research UK. This will be my third time taking part, but the first time I have ever ran further than 5k in an event! Now it’s all well and good posting my Just Giving page all over social media and asking people to sponsor me, but I wanted to write a post explaining why I am running and why as many people as possible should get involved.

Race for Life Harrogate 2014

This year in particular it seems more important than ever for me to raise as much money for this cause as possible. Over the past couple of weeks, two of my friends have lost people close to them to pancreatic cancer. Yep, two people in the same fortnight. Another friend’s dad is currently suffering with the same disease, and I can honestly say I have never known so many people being affected by cancer at the same time in my life. This is when it hits home- the scary statistic that 1 in 3 of us will suffer from cancer at some point in our lives.

Last year, I ran with my friend Carrie and a couple of her housemates from uni. Sadly, they lost one of their best friends to cancer in December 2013, who was only just 21 years-old. At that age, and for someone who lived life to its fullest for his first year at university, it is literally like that life has just been whipped away. How can it be possible that someone who was completely happy and seemingly healthy, could be gone less than 2 years later?

Two of my relatives have suffered from cancer and, despite surviving the actual disease, undergoing to rigorous treatments that allowed them to survive lead to further health complications that had a massive impact on their lives. On New Year’s Eve 2013 we lost my Uncle Brian, who was my grandma’s partner for many years (and the whole of my life), to a heart attack caused by many years of heart problems as a result of the treatment he received for bowel cancer.

My grandad was diagnosed with lymphoma nearly five years ago, and was initially given just three months to live. He underwent radiotherapy to treat a tumour in his head, and this was successful, as he is still alive today! This gives me great hope for others around me who have friends and family suffering with cancer, as there is a chance they could recover against the odds- we don’t have control over nature and there’s always hope, however minute that is.

Race For Life Text Donation Banner

This is why I am running the furthest I ever have in my life in under 6 weeks’ time. Not just for those we have lost, or for those who are still fighting, but for better treatments to give those who survive or have a chance to live for another few months or years, a better quality of life. It is heartbreaking that I have to accept a cure for cancer may never be found in my parents’ or even my lifetime, but surely there is a way of improving the existing treatments at least.

Some people choose not to undergo chemotherapy because it is so gruelling and makes you weak and ill more than we could imagine. I would love to live to see a treatment that doesn’t affect the person’s quality of life in this way, and gives them precious time to enjoy with their loved ones, without feeling weaker than ever before.

I have no idea how I’m going to manage to get through this run, when 5k has always been a steady run for me and I’ve never run further than 6k! But for all of the reasons mentioned above, I will push myself through it and hopefully sharing this will help me to raise my target or even more, which will motivate me even more to keep going and achieve one of my personal goals whilst supporting such a worthwhile cause.

If you can spare even £1 to sponsor me, I would be beyond grateful, however I totally understand that many of your friends and family might already be taking part- all the money goes to the same place so just give whatever you can and support anyone you know who is taking part! You can visit my Just Giving page here or text EBDE77 and the amount you wish to donate e.g. £5 to 70070. If anyone reading this does donate, it would seriously make my entire life as even having friends and family donate feels incredibly special, let alone someone who reads my blog!

If you’re taking part in Race for Life this year, then good luck! I know some events have already taken place, so well done if you did participate. If you’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing over signing up, just do it! Go sign up here, get some friends together and walk it if you have to- just get involved however you can!

Emma x

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