What’s Cooking? April Edition

Hello my fellow foodies!

Ahhh, despite my undying love of stationery, it does feel good to be writing about something else for a change! Back to my biggest love- food. April was dominated by recipes I’ve found from other bloggers and saved to my ‘Recipe’ collection on Bloglovin (genius), as I feel like I’ve exhausted Pinterest for a while. Let’s see what I’ve been gracing my kitchen with lately…



Roasted Veg Soup with Feta and Sage – The Londoner

This soup is literally the best thing ever. I know what you’re thinking- ‘Why are you making warm, comforting soup in Spring, Emma? Where the salad at?’ Well firstly, I hate salad (unless it’s loaded with avocado, chicken, a ton of dressing of some kind and essentially not a salad) and secondly- why not have soup? It’s cheap, filling, and so easy to make at any time of year. I made so much soup when we first moved into our flat, and frankly got a bit sick of it (mostly because I was too cheap to buy a hand blender) but now I have got myself a hand blender (which is like the magic wand of cookery freedom- if you don’t have one, get one) and nothing can stop me on my soup-making mission!

I made this recipe twice in a row, because you only use half a butternut squash and half a bag of shallots, so it’s just designed to be made more than once! The first time, it was beautiful and thick, which I prefer when I have soup. I added more stock the second time, so it was still tasty but much thinner (it lasted ages too, I even had to freeze some!) The shallots and sage are a heavenly combination with the sweet butternut squash, and if you do add feta (which I recommend) it is out of this world. SO GOOD GUYS, GO MAKE IT NOW.

My rating: 5/5


Quinoa Kale Pesto Bowls with Poached Eggs – The Iron You

Okay, so I didn’t exactly make this recipe to the letter. For example, I was too lazy (and my blender is too crap) to make kale pesto, which is obviously healthier than normal. I also didn’t add the walnuts, because I forgot. Basically, what I did make was roasted mediterranean vegetables (my favourite way of cooking veggies) with slightly soggy quinoa I strained through a pair of tights (I keep buying quinoa and forgetting I don’t own a fine mesh strainer- d’oh!), pesto from a jar (which has remained unopened in the cupboard since we moved in- see, I am usually good) and a very poorly-cooked poached egg. Oh dear. Needless to say, George was not impressed. It was a cooking faux-pas, which does not reflect on this recipe at all, just my amateur cooking skills.

The next day, I made the same but with cous cous, and it was divine. Cous cous wins over quinoa (until I learn to cook it properly) It really helps when your food isn’t, you know, soggy. I will try this recipe again one day, but until then I’m going to scour the many more recipes on Mike’s blog which are all ridiculously healthy and (if not cooked by me) delicious.

My rating: 3/5 (the recipe seems great, but isn’t incredibly quick to make, even if you do make it correctly!)

Side note: I actually just got majorly distracted and ended up pinning about 10 recipes from The Iron You onto my food board, which you can see here– they all look amazing.


Katy’s Chorizo Chachouka – Little Miss Katy

I am a huge chorizo fan, so when I find a new way to use it, I get a little bit excited. I loved the idea of this unusual recipe from Katy, so had to give it a try. Eggs, chorizo, tomato? It’s a winning combination. It’s a simple recipe to make really, if you follow Katy’s advice and chop up all your ingredients beforehand, and doesn’t take long either. The worst part for me was waiting for the eggs to set in the oven- mine took ages and the yolks were a bit shrivelled by the time the whites were set!

Eating this on the first night, I thought I hadn’t added quite enough seasoning, as the tomatoey flavour was quite bland (I didn’t measure out the quantities from the recipe, so it was probably just me not adding enough!) but we reheated it to eat the next night, and it was much tastier! I often find this with anything tomato-based- the flavours all marinate and come together much better for the next day, like a curry. I’ll be making this again, and trying to perfect my eggs so they actually set before they go shrivelled!

My rating: 4/5


Easy One-Pan Tricolore Meatballs – The Londoner

Another recipe from Rosie’s amazing repertoire! I love meatballs, but I prefer to make them myself and that takes the kind of effort I don’t have time for when I come in from work, belly rumbling. Luckily, I found out that Sainsbury’s do pre-rolled turkey meatballs, and it was like a gift from heaven itself. Suddenly, a recipe that could have taken hours (including time to scrub all the raw meat out of my nails- luuuuurvely) was going to take less than 45 minutes to prepare.

And oh my god, these are so, so good. I was very good and didn’t add extra mozzarella sprinkled on top, but even with a small amount of cheese they were delicious (and that’s when you know something is good) and I served mine with wholegrain tagliatelle so they would spread a bit further. I am 100% making these again, but first I just have to try Rosie’s Ultimate Swedish Meatball recipe, as these look amazing and different to anything I’ve made before!

My rating: 5/5

Mmmm, my tummy is rumbling after recalling all of these delicious meals! I can’t wait to make them all again soon, and try out even more newly-acquired recipes.

What is your source of inspiration for finding recipes? If you have a go-to website or blog, I’m always looking for new places to discover new delights.

Emma x

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  • Definitely got lots of dinner inspiration for the rest of the week now :) I don’t have a strainer either and I always forget when I make quinoa!! Not sure if i’ll try it with tights though haha!

    Hannah Gets Hench


    • Glad you like the recipes Hannah! Haha no I wouldn’t recommend it- it was a moment of inspiration but it wasn’t the tidiest of methods :’) xx

  • Ahhhhh I need to make those meatballs again! They are SOOOOOOO delicious aren’t they? I think they taste like pizza :)
    Sophie Cliff

    • They actually do! Mmmm it’s making me hungry just thinking about them :P

  • These all look soooo delicious! I must try some of them!

    Charlotte xx – Charlotte Sophia Roberts