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Hi everyone!

So I know it’s not actually National Stationery Week anymore, but as I had work on Sunday and yesterday was a busy Bank Holiday trying to get everything done that I didn’t on Saturday due to being incredibly hungover (whoops- well what are Bank Holiday weekends for?!)

Today I wanted to talk about a new app I was recently introduced to, in perfect time for National Stationery week- Inkly.

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We’ve all heard of, and maybe used at some point, the usual suspects in the personalised card industry named after various animals (you know the ones). What these don’t do, however, is let you put your handwriting into the card you’re sending without sending it to you first to physically hand-write. This is where Inkly comes in- it’s a free app (available for Apple and Android devices) there’s some pretty cool technology within the app that allows you to write a message on paper, photograph it with your phone, then the app removes the background, and you can apply and resize it on the card or postcard of your choice!


I found the app itself really easy to use and well-designed. Nothing gets me annoyed as a designer like something that is badly-designed or difficult to use, but I couldn’t fault it really! The only thing I’d like to do is hand write the address to go on the envelope, rather than it being typed, but this might be something they will introduce in the future (you can already do it when using an iPad, just not with a phone). You can choose between a greetings card or a postcard, so I went with one of their greetings cards.*

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There are loads of designs to choose from, a lot of them being right up my street in terms of the beautiful use of illustration and typography to create unique and quirky designs. I chose to send this ‘Me Loves You’ card to George (I was just going to open and photograph it, then give it to him, but he got his hands on it first and was pleasantly surprised!) which allowed me to add an image of us on the inside, as well as my own, handwritten message- just as if I’d bought it from a shop myself! Of course, you can add your own photos to the front of the card as well, but I think you’ve seen enough of our faces for a while!

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My dad loved the idea of the app so much, he made his own postcard and sent it to me to try it out- it’s a great idea for when you’re on holiday as you can send your own snaps and writing to your loved ones, and the price is always the same no matter where you are in the world!

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I’ll definitely be ordering from Inkly again, as it’s such an easy way to send personal cards with a unique touch. I’m not a fan of some of the tacky designs you see on the more well known sites and, although there are still some of these on this app, you have a great choice of good quality illustrated cards as well.

What do you think to this handwritten card idea? Would you use it to send cards to friends and family? Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


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  • Amy Paternoster

    This is SO cute and I’ll be going straight there instead of moonpig next time I want to make a card for a loved one.

    Wonderful post.

    Love, Amy | Blonde Amy Blog x

  • Is it Scarborough on the post card? It looks so familiar to me!

    Charlotte xx – Charlotte Sophia Roberts

    • Yes it is! I love it there, it’s where all my childhood seaside weekends were spent :) xx

      • Mine were spent all along the east coast! Infact I’m in whitby now! X

        • Aww I love Whitby, hope you had a lovely time :) x