National Stationery Week | Time to Get Organised!

Hello stationery lovers (and all 300 of my beautiful followers- YAY!)

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, as I’m sure you’re starting to feel the stationery overload now- I promise I’ve got something slightly different but still stationery-themed coming on Sunday! I’ve always wanted to get myself an organiser, as opposed to a normal diary, but have always succumbed to the pull of the massive selection of diaries on offer and ignored all the beautiful organisers and day planners out there. No more!

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Organiser Picks

1. Kikki-K Dark Mint Personal Planner // 2. Filofax Retro Bloom Organiser // 3. Aspinal of London Personal Organiser // 4. Paperchase Patchwork Hearts Pocked Organiser // 5. Filofax Butterfly Personal Organiser // 6. Filofax Domino Patent Organiser

There is so much scope with organisers and personal planners- endless opportunities for little coloured sticky tabs, cute stickers, additional elements- I can’t believe I have never owned one before! Charlie’s blog is inspiration enough to go out and get yourself one, as you can really see the opportunities you have to customise your organiser and make it your own.

I think I’ve just never really understood the layout and all the different sections, but for next academic year I am definitely going to get myself one and force myself to understand it! With so many pretty designs, and Paperchase’s affordable range (and the not-so-affordable *cough* Aspinal of London *cough*) there’s no excuse, and I’d love to start customising it with my own dividers and stickers!

Do you own a planner or organiser rather than a diary? What are your thoughts on them? Teach me the ways of the organised!


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  • I’ve just bought a gorgeous blue and gold planner from paperchase (it was only £16!) but I’m not keen on the inserts so trying to get my head around designing my own with exactly what I want on them. The tricky part will be working out how to print double sided and line everything up etc, if you know of any websites with tips pass on the links! x

    • Sounds beautiful Laura! The only site with good tips I’ve come across is the one mentioned in the post, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty if you have a search around :) it will look great once you figure it all out! x

  • Eva Eliza

    Hello! You have an amazing blog! I just followed you in bloglovin, hope you follow back…

  • I think number 1 is really beautiful! Its a shame about the price :/ maybe when I start working… I have had 2 filofaxes over the years but I find them quite a bit heavier then a thin diary/notebook and so found that I don’t use them that much. I think they will be excellent when I don’t need to be able to fit everything in my bag and lug it around!

    Becca x

    • I agree Becca, it’s a pain having to carry a massive organiser around to school/uni and much easier to have a little portable diary! When I’ve got a job that requires lots of organisation I can keep it on my desk instead ;) x