National Stationery Week | 10 Reasons to Love Notebooks

Hello lovelies!

It’s so weird getting back into this posting every day thing- I feel like I’m always writing up posts at the moment! But it’s all in aid of getting my favourite stationery out there and just generally gabbing about all things paper (and pens, cards, folders), so it is most definitely a worthy cause. Today is Notebook day, so as well as sharing my favourite notebook picks with you all, I thought I’d give 10 Reasons to Love Notebooks this #NatStatWeek and… well, forever.

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1. There are SO many to choose from
The first and most obvious point I think! There are literally endless designs, sizes, shapes and colours of notebooks to choose from all over the world. So basically, whatever you’re a fan of- there’s a notebook for that. Florals? Oh boy. Stripes? You got it. Smiley food? Hell yes. And if there isn’t one with exactly what you want on the cover, you can design your own with places like Chroma stationery– genius!

2. That first blank page…
Full of hope, possibility and mystery. What will you write on that first page of your brand new notebook that you lovingly picked out from amongst all the other millions of options? It had better be good. Just think about that. Oh, the pressure! Better put it in the box where you keep all your other beautiful, untouched notebooks and go buy another ‘rough’ one to actually write stuff in. Who am I kidding? They’re all just too damn precious!

3. Express your personality/interests
Similar to point 1, if you’re into something, your notebook can tell the whole world. Or not. If you want to get a plain black, leather-covered anonymous notebook- you go for it. Similarly, if you want to write ‘Mrs Benedict Cumberbatch’ (sorry ladies, that ship has sailed, but a girl can dream) all over it- knock yourself out.

4. Notebooks are for everyone
You can try and get away from them, but at some point in our lives we all have to use a notebook. Whether it’s your uninspiring school exercise book, a shopping list (or lists in general because LISTS. LISTS ARE MY LIFE) or just something you need to remember- we’ve all done it.

5. Paperchase
So yeah. Paperchase is the first place where I went and actually felt the urge to spend all my money on notebooks, and I don’t think that will ever change. Their range is constantly changing and growing, and there will always be at least one that makes me go into heart-eye emoji mode. I love you Paperchase, don’t ever change.

6. They never get boring
If you’re a true stationery addict, buying notebooks is like buying underwear. You never really need more, because you don’t throw the previous ones you’ve used away, but there’ll always be a place in your heart for just one more- even if your notebook (or underwear) drawer is stuffed full and broken (hello, that is me).

7. Your favourite brands sell them
If you have a favourite cute and quirky homeware brand, chances are they have a range of stationery (see below) Emma Bridgewater? Check. Cath Kidston? Check. Caroline Gardner? Check. And pretty much everywhere sells some form of notebook now, even Poundland (especially Poundland if you’re a Disney/kids TV fan, which we all are, of course).

8. They can be anything you want them to be
List-writing pad, journal, lecture note-making, doodling, writing love letters (you never know) or penning your first novel. There’s not much you can’t do with a notebook (including other multipurpose uses, such as a door wedge, paperweight, a prop to hold another book open) and for that, I love them even more.

9. They are one thing all bloggers can agree on
How many bloggers can put their hand on heart and say ‘I have never used a notebook for my blog’? None. That’s how many. My trusty notebook is the only place I write blog ideas (unless I’m away from it, and then I set a reminder in my phone to write it in my notebook later on) because I love planning things out and writing by hand- there’s nothing like it.

10. Notebooks will be around forever
Even though we have become such a digitised world, I don’t think we’ll ever lose the need, or love, for notebooks. If we ever run out of paper, we can make them out of recycled materials, so there’s no excuse! They are something I will always cherish as stationery addict, and they have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and will continue to be.


Notebook picks

My Notebooks of the Moment

1. Happy Jackson ‘Here’s The Plan’ Notebook // 2. Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee Notebook // 3. Caroline Gardner Ditsy Kitchen Jotter // 4. Cath Kidston Patchwork Spot Notebook // 5. HEMA DIY Stationery Pack // 6. Kikki-K Yay Notebook // 7. Huck and Pucker Geeky and Proud Notebook // 8. Berinmade Ombre Notepad // 9. Huck and Pucker Arty and Proud Notebook

What do you love about notebooks? Are they your go-to for every day writing, or have you fully converted to your phone/tablet for all forms of writing?


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