National Stationery Week | #PenATweet and My Handwriting

Hello lovelies,

Today is the second day of #NatStatWeek and the theme is #PenATweet! It’s so easy to forget about hand-writing anything when even our Birthday cards can be typed out and sent without leaving your sofa, and with Twitter and social media in general taking over our lives, the written word has become more precious than ever. This is a great way to mix it up and share a Tweet in your own handwriting!

#PenATweet - 2

It would have been a pretty non-existent post today, unless I found a way to jazz it up a bit, so I thought I’d talk a bit about handwriting. Now, when you saw my penned tweet above, you probably thought ‘jesus, that handwriting is neat.’ I’m not being braggy or anything, but genuinely everyone who has ever seen my handwriting has always without fail commented on how neat it is. It hasn’t always looked like this- I went through the standard phase most people did in primary school of trying to integrate shapes, love hearts and as many swirls and joined up letters as possible into my writing- but it has always been small and precise for as long as I can remember.

I maintain that it’s the way I hold my pen that gives me such control over the way I write, because I literally scrunch my hand around it, rather than holding it just with my fingers like we were taught to in primary school. I can’t see any other reason why, although I don’t always see my own writing as neat- other people have commented that even my ‘messy’ revision notes are neater than their best writing!


I absolutely love writing things by hand, and I hate writing messily or quickly. If I’m writing a list, it has to be perfectly in-line and if I have to scribble something out, I get a massive wave of OCD and the temptation to start over again is overwhelming (sometimes I actually do give in- soz trees). This definitely all links into my love of new, pristine notebooks and pads of paper- writing neatly all the time makes it slightly easier to bear when I mess up all those lovely blank pages!

Wow, I sound like a massive OCD freak- I’m not that bad, I swear!

Do you enjoy writing things by hand, or has the digital age completely taken over your life as well? I’ve got a post coming up later this week on a new app where you can put your handwriting into a digitally-printed card through your smartphone, so stay tuned!


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  • You have such gorgeous handwriting!
    Sophie Cliff

  • I’m terribly OCD about my handwriting. It takes me ages to start a new notebook because I worry the first thing I write in it won’t be neat or interesting enough. If I make a mistake, I’d rather rip out the page and start all over again than scribble it out…

    • Haha that’s exactly the same as me! I’ve got a gorgeous notebook from Chroma stationery with my blog name on and I can’t bring myself to write in it yet! Thank God for spiral-bound notebooks so our page-ripping never leaves any evidence :’)

  • You have the most amazing handwriting!