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I have been so excited for this week since discovering it during my last Stationery Addicts Anonymous post! As you’ll all probably know, I absolutely love all things stationery, and will find any excuse to talk/write/drool about it. Today is ‘Pens & Pencils’ day from the National Stationery Week organisers, and I will be blogging every day this week about the topic of each day- I can’t wait!

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At first, the idea of writing a post about pens and pencils seemed a bit dull, but I soon realised how wrong I was. I love pens and pencils- before my obsessions with notebooks started (I’m talking the age of 7 or 8) they were my all-time favourite thing (along with paints, crayons- basically anything I could make a picture with!) and although I now take them for granted a bit more, they’ll always have a place in my heart-shaped pencil case (see what I did there? Eh eh eh).

I’ll start with my all-time favourite pens and pencils, some of which I have relied on and loved for years now, using them throughout my GCSEs, A-Levels, Diploma and Degree! This is like a basic toolkit for anyone who enjoys drawing, either professionally or as a hobby- in my opinion they are just the best.

Favourite Pens and Pencils Montage

My Trusty Favourite Pens and Pencils

1. Staedtler Triplus Fineliners // 2. WHSmith Watercolour Colouring Pencils // 3. Derwent Graphic Pencils // 4. Sakura Pigma Micron Assorted Pens // 5. Paper Mate Flair Fibre-tip Pens // 6. Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen

I have used the coloured fineliners since I was about 13- everyone at school used to steal them (because I always had the best stationery, obvs) and make me very upset when they went blunt- but they are just so damn handy! WHSmith have such an amazing colour range in their pack of 36- they’re all you’ll ever need- I use the watercolour ones all the time because people always buy me them for Christmas and Birthdays (I have enough now, thanks guys). Derwent pencils are the absolute best for sketching (and colouring, but my bank balance won’t allow that much indulgence *cries*), and the final three are more recent purchases that make my illustration work an absolute dream- I love them all.

Pen Favourites Montage

New and Adorable Favourite Pens

1. Kikki-K Everyday Gel Pen: Cute // 2. Kikki-K Everyday Ball Point Pen Stripe: Cute // 3. Smiggle Graphic Stylus Pens // 4. Paperchase Condiment Highlighter & Pen Duo // 5. Paperchase Confetti Heart Fluffy Pen // 6. Paperchase Safari Park Giraffe Pen // 7. Paperchase Lippy Lipstick Marker Pens // 8. Paperchase Cupcakes Mechanical Pen

I have a bit of a pen addiction. I always use a black biro for any sort of writing, and they usually come from Paperchase. Their mechanical pens write so well and come in all sorts of designs to make me happy whilst I write (brightens up 9am lectures a treat), but I have been sneakily eyeing up designs from elsewhere and considering having an affair with somewhere other than Paperchase (hope they’re not reading this…) Hence why there are 3 choices on this list that are actually from (shock horror!) other stationery shops. Kikki-K just have an adorable range of pens, and the designs from new discovery Smiggle are so fun and vibrant!

Pencil Favourites Montage

New and Adorable Favourite Pencils

1. Smiggle Scented Pencils Pack // 2. Smiggle Animal Pencils // 3. Marks and Spencer Boutique Tube of Colouring Pencils // 4. Ohh Deer Big Bang Theory Pencils // 5. Ohh Deer Mean Girls Pencils // 6. Lily Rose Co. Gossip Girl Pencils

Although I don’t really use pencils anymore, other than for sketching/drawing where I would use my trusty Derwent pencils. However, there are some absolute beauties knocking about at the moment, mostly composed of the amazing movie/TV quote pencils from Ohh Deer and Lily Rose Co. Smiggle also have some adorably fun designs, and good old M&S have the answer to my prayers- a cute, compact tube that has the essential colours for anything you need.

Lily Rose Blair Waldorf Pencils     Lily Rose Eat Sleep Blog Pencils

WWBWD Pencils // Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Pencils

Lily Rose Co (formerly Gifts & Pieces) have hit the nail on the Upper East Side head with their awesome, girly pink Gossip Girl pencils, which I absolutely love. Their Eat Sleep Blog Repeat designs are pretty much a blogger essential, but are currently sold out *sob*.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first instalment of my #NatStatWeek series- this is going to be a fun week, and I’ll be introducing my newly-discovered brands in Stationery Addicts Anonymous on World Stationery Day this Wednesday! Catch up on my previous posts here and here.

Emma x

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  • I need those WWBWD pencils in my life asap!

    • Haha I know right! I want that quote on a pen too :) xx

  • Love this post! Feel the need to shop now :) We haven’t come across Kikki-K before – do they ship to the uk? X

    • Thank you! I know I discovered them a few months ago and their stuff is just gorgeous! Yes they do :) x

  • I neeeeeeeeeed those Blair Waldorf pencils!!! Essential life advice right there…
    Sophie Cliff

    • Haha I know right! Need this design on a pen right now…