Personalise your notes with Chroma Stationery!

Hello lovelies!

I wish I could say I felt renewed and refreshed after an amazing anniversary weekend away, but whilst the weekend was fabulous, being back at work is not! It was so lovely to have some time off with just me and George, but coming back to reality is definitely not as fun. Truthfully, I’d rather be sat in our ginormous comfy bed, drinking tea from the Emma Bridgewater mugs and eating shortbread in our branded robes, but sadly the whole of life can’t be this way. WHY OH WHY?! Anyway, life moans aside, I’m really excited to share with you a lovely brand who I know you’ll love if you haven’t heard from them already- Chroma Stationery.

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Chroma were kind enough to send me this beautiful Nebraska A5 notebook* in ‘Doris’ lilac colour with my blog logo (almost!) embossed on the cover. This is such an amazing idea, and for a great price too- £8.50 for whichever colour and bind you want, with any writing or image embossed on the front. The reason my circular blog logo isn’t on there is because, after speaking to the lovely Gabi from Chroma via email, she explained that solid embossing does not always work out as well. She promised to do her best and, although the font doesn’t quite match for ‘design,’ I’m more than happy and grateful to have such a beautiful, personal gift.

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There’s something lovely about a blank notebook, isn’t there? I love having a nice pen (from Paperchase, of course), a blank notebook, and writing the first few words on the first page. I have still yet to do this, as I’m also a notebook hoarder and hate using them when they’re so pretty! That may sound a bit weird, but I’m sure my fellow stationery addicts will empathise on this one.

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Am I the only one who has seen loads of pictures of Chroma notebooks and for some reason, thought the covers were fabric? I just think that’s how it looks in photographs, although of course it does say it is laminate on the website, but I was surprised when it arrived! Although, I guess a fabric embossed notebook would be a lot more expensive. The upside to these is that they’re perfect-bound, so they look lovely and neat, and you can also get a spiral-bound one from their website if that’s more your style! I like spiral-bound notebooks for carrying in my bag as they’re more durable, but this one looks so pretty without all that unsightly metal. I’m insanely picky, but because the spine is an extension of the book, it makes the logo look off-centre, even though it is central on the actual cover. I’m guessing this is unavoidable, but as a graphic designer I have a massively keen eye for positioning and it makes my OCD go a little bit nuts.

Chroma really are a fantastic brand, and so supportive of bloggers. The blogging community has really embraced them in return, and I think it’s such a fab idea for bloggers to have their logo or name printed for all the world to see! Not gonna lie, I want one in every colour, but I went for lilac because PASTELS. They’re a fabulous gift idea, and I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind for future birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, babies… basically any occasion that warrants a gift haha!

Check out their Twitter | Instagram | Website and let me know what you think- will you be ordering one for yourself or for a friend? (and then maybe keeping it for yourself because you deserve a treat and a bar of Galaxy will do your friend nicely).

Emma x

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  • Carolin

    I’ve seen them before on social media. Very cute notepad and I love the writing and the pastel colour. I guess writers block shouldn’t be a problem for you now as I can see a lot of positive energies and inspo coming from this gorgeous notepad :) I’m going to talk stationery next Monday and hope to speak soon to you xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

    • Emma

      The combination of metallic colours with pastel is just heaven isn’t it?! I love it! Can’t wait to get all the blog post ideas down on them pages ;) so excited to read your stationery post Caz, I’ll be looking out for it! xx

  • Lauest Blog

    OMG this look so lovely! I need one. hahah So sad your break is over but at least you enjoyed to the fullest! HUGS

    • Emma

      They are just gorgeous aren’t they?! I want one in every colour so I can think of some more cover design ideas! That’s the main thing, it was a lovely time :)

  • Leanne

    the book is so lovely, what a nice gift for a blogger! x

    • Thanks Leanne- it’s so great isn’t it?! x

  • Sarah Bristow

    Oh wow this is beautiful!! I am a bit of a stationary addict so anything like this makes me smile so much :)

    I’m glad you had a nice weekend away for your anniversary!! I wish life could be like that all the time too! It sounds very luxurious!

    Sarah xxx ||

    • You should definitely get one Sarah! Thank you :) haha yeah it was, we treated ourselves to a luxury B&B and it was like the dream life! I’m doing a post with all my pictures in soon! xxx

      • Sarah Bristow

        Ooh I can’t wait to see :D xxx

  • Sooo pretty, love love stationary!!

  • I am seeing/hearing more and more about this company and I can safely say I’m now a massive fan haha. I love the personalisation and particularly how it’s in gold metallic lettering – how cute!

    Have a lovely weekend, Emma! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Thank you Gabrielle, they are amazing aren’t they? The metallic and pastel go so well together I think, I love it :) hope you had a great weekend! x

  • Great post, love this. Haha, I’m such a book hoarder as well


    • Thanks Mel! It’s such a problem isn’t it? Curse my stationery addiction! xx