A very Happy Anniversary with Eat Your Photo* cupcakes!

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Hello my lovelies!

So, today is mine and George’s 7 year anniversary! We are currently away on a luxurious mini break in Northumberland, which I can’t wait to tell you about. I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you a review on these amazing cupcakes from Eat Your Photo.* Yes, that’s our faces, right there on each and every cake!


I discovered Eat Your Photo through the lovely Alex’s blog, and they very kindly sent me a box of 20 of their cupcakes with individual edible photos printed onto each one for me to try! I opted for vanilla over chocolate (although George moaned at me for not getting chocolate- cheeky git) and, as this was a few weeks ago, decided to present them to George as a little surprise early anniversary gift (just as an excuse to eat cake and not feel guilty, really!)


I was so, so impressed with the quality of these little cases of goodness. The whole ‘photo cake’ scenario conjures up images of cheap supermarket sponge cake with poor quality icing that only last for a day before going dry, but these could not be further from this perception. I immediately thought ‘if they’re sending them in the post, surely they’ll go dry and be a cheap solution?’ WRONG. These were literally the nicest little cupcakes I have ever eaten- so squidgy and delicious with amazing vanilla icing- even a week after we received them they were still moist and tasted gorgeous, which was so impressive! I may or may not have eaten around half of them myself over the course of the week (George is more of an icing guy- and he really enjoyed the little edible photos on top, as well as the divine buttercream!) and am now going through cake withdrawal.

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Considering the photos on top are actually printed on tasty, edible icing and not gross ricepaper (that no one really likes, do they?) they were fantastic quality, and only slightly out-of-focus, but who really cares? As you all probably know by now, I am a huge lover of food, so I apologise if I’m gushing just a bit here. I am incredibly passionate about cake as I have always had a sweet tooth, and these are really far more than a gimicky product you’d get someone as a little joke- they are seriously tasty, high quality cupcakes that would be perfect for any occasion!


If you want to try some of these little beauties out for yourself, then you can order them here, but wait- there’s more! They also sell full-size photo cakes, and you can have your photo printed on brownies, cookies, and even chocolate, as well as being able to order your own cake toppers if you’d rather bake your own- pretty awesome, right? Have a look for yourself at eatyourphoto.co.uk– the little cookies would be adorable party favours, and of course there’s the delicious cupcakes- wish I’d known about these for my 21st last year!

And now a little mushy note to my wonderful boyfriend. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since our first date to the cinema as slightly awkward 14 and 15 year-olds, and we have been through so much together since then. George has been my rock this entire time, and I truly don’t think there could be a more perfect match for me in the entire universe. We think alike, nothing is a secret between us and, although he may make fun of me for it sometimes, I know I can always tell him anything- anything. Basically, I could never leave him because he knows too much. Living together can be hard sometimes in terms of paying bills and generally living a ‘normal’ adult life when we’re just the weirdest people when we’re together, but it’s also the most fun I’ve ever had and I love it! Here’s to the next 7 years- hopefully they’ll be the most exciting yet!

Emma x

*Although these cupcakes were sent to me by Eat Your Photo, this post is 100% my own opinions on the product, as always. I may sound a bit overenthusiastic at times in my product reviews, but it’s because I’m genuinely in love with the product! (if you met me, you’d see how excited I get over, well, everything).