MOMA! Breakfast range review

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely Spring weather (if you’re in the UK, anyway!) I know it puts me in the mood to eat better and be more active, although it takes me a while to get used to it! There’s always that one definitive day when the warmer weather officially begins, and I’m never prepared for it, so when it happens I lunge for the first thing I can find that isn’t made of thick wool and realise there is no going back- those jumpers are not coming out until Autumn, whether it goes cold again or not- I am determined!

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the convenient range from breakfast gurus MOMA!* I’ve started eating breakfast when I get to work, as I’m never very hungry when I get up in the morning, so these are perfect for those on the go or for keeping at your desk.

MOMA Breakfast 1

They very kindly sent me a box with all their finest breakfast goodies in, as a sorry for an incident I had with one of their products a while ago (I think it was the supplier’s fault for not storing the bircher muesli cool enough, but MOMA were brilliant with me regardless) I couldn’t believe how much they sent when the box turned up at work!

MOMA Breakfast 2

I was sent:

  • Two boxes of porridge sachets, which you make in a mug, containing 7 sachets each of Cranberry & Raisin and Super Seeds varieties
  • Several Smooth Oatie Shakes in Strawberry & Banana and Mango & Peach flavours
  • Two of their porridge pots in Golden Syrup and Original flavours

They also sent me a MOMA mug, but unfortunately the handle snapped off in transit so I’m currently using it as a pen pot! The mug pictured is my ‘Keep Calm, I’m a Graphic Designer’ one that my dad bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago which I love- you can buy a similar one here.

MOMA Breakfast 3

So, I have now tried every item from the selection, even though I still have a couple of sachets left- I’m trying to make them last! First things first: the porridge sachets.

I recently started buying ‘mug porridge’ sachets, as they’re convenient to have at work and mean I don’t need to bother washing up a bowl (laziness!) I have tried the ones from FUEL (the link is for Ocado but I bought them from Asda) in Apple & Cinnamon and Berry flavours, which were great, so when I saw these were also mug sachets I was very pleased! The Cranberry & Raisin one is delicious, and sweet enough that you don’t need to add any sweetener (when I have plain porridge I always add honey!) although I am conscious there is some added sugar in this variety. The Super Seeds flavour makes me feel very healthy, as it includes linseed, pumpkin and chia seeds, so really gives you a boost! I’ve been eating this one at home so I can add some honey or maple syrup to it, because otherwise it does taste quite plain, but if you’re on a real health kick then go ahead and eat it as it comes- the seeds are a great addition to give a bit of texture and flavour.

MOMA Breakfast 4

Next up are the Smooth Oatie Shakes– these are the definition of breakfast on the go- you can’t get much easier than breakfast in a bottle! Both flavours are equally delicious- I don’t think I have a favourite out of the Strawberry & Banana and Mango & Peach! They are nice and thick enough to be satisfying, without being so thick that you can’t get it all out of the bottle. I find it difficult to just have a drink as a meal, but if you’re used to drinking smoothies etc for breakfast then these are great, and they do fill you up if you can get over the not chewing mentality that I struggle with!

MOMA Breakfast 5

Last but not least, the porridge pots are the final item in the mix. Another really easy breakfast option- all you need is a spoon and hot water! The Golden Syrup flavour was lovely, and not too sickly sweet like some other brands take on the flavour. I thought the Original variety would be too plain, but didn’t realise it actually had a bit of added raw cane sugar, which despite being slightly less healthy, stops me from adding loads of lovely honey! It tasted delicious on its own and I actually think this was my favourite of all the flavours I tried because of its simplicity.

MOMA Breakfast 6

A final comment on the packaging- as a designer, it would be rude not to! I have always loved MOMA products because of their bright and punchy packaging and language, and the porridge sachets with semi-transparent elements look great. I’ve just noticed that they’re changing their packaging and I have to say I’m not as keen on the new design! I get what they’re trying to do by adding more detail and a fancier typeface, but I think the original simplicity on these packets works pretty well as it is. Not that I’m one to buy food based on its packaging I definitely am. However, these products are tasty enough that I would definitely buy them again regardless of packaging- particularly the porridge sachets and pots!

Thank you so much to MOMA for giving such good customer service and sending me all these goodies as compensation- I really didn’t expect to receive so much!

Have any of you tried the MOMA breakfast range before? I also love their bircher muesli pots and when I’m back working in Leeds I’ll be treating myself to one as they sell them at Boots in the train station! You can take a look at their full range of products here– let me know if you try any of them!

Emma x

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  • I’ve never heard of MOMA before – I love the bright packaging! I always get into such a breakfast slump during term time so the bright colours would work wonders to brighten the day up(:
    Loved reading this!

    Imii xox //

    • They definitely do make my mornings a bit cheerier! Thanks Imii :) xx


    MmmmmmMmmm yummy! These would be perfect on my work desk! I am always a huge fan of golden syrup porridge! Scrummy!