It’s all about… Miss Selfridge Denim


Hellooo lovely people!

I don’t know about you, but the Easter weekend has been more appreciated for me this year than ever before- I’m sure any of you who work full-time will feel my relief! Having a 4-day weekend is like an absolute dream for me- no work on a Sunday for the first time in so long and off work Friday and Monday- this is the life! I’ve been doing a bit of shopping over the holiday so far- some bits for the flat and some bits for me- but there will always be more that I need want and I’m here to tell you about my most coveted pieces from my favourite denim collection- Miss Selfridge.

I think Miss Selfridge and Topshop have always been my favourite places to window-shop denim. I say this because I’ve always gone for slightly more affordable denim from New Look. I have bought every pair of jeans I’ve ever owned from there because they fit me so well and are reasonably priced too, but the more unique styles can always be found in the slightly more expensive high street stores.

Miss Selfridge have such lovely, feminine pieces and I have always adored their clothes, so when I got a promotional email showcasing their denim collection I had a sneaky peak and was transfixed- I love it all! Denim is such a great fabric for Spring/Summer, especially with the unpredictable weather we experience in the UK, as it can be cute and cosy or light and breezy. Without further ado, here are the pieces that would make my wardrobe very happy…


Utility Denim Shirt Dress £42 £37.80
Sleeveless Utility Denim Dress £39 £35.10
Mid Wash Denim Dress £39 £35.10
Super Soft Denim Skirt £35
STEFFI White Super High Waist Jeans £34
SOFIA Pretty Blue Ultra Soft Jeans £36
STEFFI Pink Ripped Super High Waist Jeans £34
Petites Ice Blue Denim Shorts £28

So I was incredibly excited when I went to get the links for my picks just now, to see that the three adorable denim dresses have all been reduced by 10%- someone send help before I buy them all! The Utility Denim Shirt Dress is my absolute favourite of the whole collection- it’s smart enough to wear for work with a blazer despite being denim, but casual enough to wear with bare legs and sandals in the warmer weather that will hopefully be coming along soon!

I’m not usually a midi-skirt person, but I think the Super Soft Denim Skirt would be so pretty with a floral crop top or little gypsy top (I saw a load of them in Primark today and wanted to buy them all), or it could even be smartened up with a simple, crisp white shirt and pretty flats for a summer event or work.

As someone who currently only owns one pair of jeans, I am desperate to add some variety to my denim collection and I absolutely love all the pastel and white jeans that are available right now- these two white and pale pink pairs would be perfect to go with all my summer crop tops when I dig them out again! I bought a cream boyfriend jacket today (same as the lilac New Look one from my It’s All About… The Spring Jacket post) and it would look gorgeous with the pastel pink jeans *heart eye emoji x100*- look out for this featuring in a future post!

High-waisted denim shorts are my go-to for an easy Spring/Summer outfit, with or without tights, and I think Miss Selfridge and Topshop always have an amazing selection but don’t always tend to fit me very well. I’m hoping that this petite version will fit my short torso as sometimes other pairs come up too high! The ice blue colour is just gorgeous, and so fit to go with all the Spring pastels I love so much!

Have you invested in any pretty denim pieces recently? Where are your favourite places to buy denim?

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Emma x

  • Elizabeth Davies

    The skirt is my favourite!

    Elizabeth –

    • Emma

      It’s so pretty isn’t it? I want it so bad! x

  • reneejessome

    Oh my I LOVE the sleeveless dress, and the skirt!! And everything here! (huge fan of denim!)

    Great post!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    • Emma

      Thanks Renee! Haha, yep as you can probably tell I’m a big denim lover too! x

  • I really love the utility dress! I feel like it’s such a good basic… *may scurry off to buy it*

    • Emma

      It’s definitely my favourite! I know it’s been really popular and sold out before but seems to be in stock for now eek! x

  • Sophie Smith

    I love 3 and 4! I’m with you on new look being cheaper for denim some things can be really over priced. Great wish list

    • Emma

      Thanks Sophie! They are good aren’t they? I always end up going for the cheaper options even after making wish lists like this! x