Stationery Addicts Anonymous: March

Well hello there, stationery addicts. It’s that time of the month again, where you can indulge your inner paper chaser and let loose your deepest, darkest stationery fantasies with no judgement. If you missed our last session, here’s what you missed- I suggest you catch up on this before beginning today’s session. And now, sit back, relax and let your stationery desires run free and wild…

Nikki Strange

Midnight Birds A5 Notebook £4.99
Cloudy Stars A5 Notebook £5.99

I discovered Nikki’s beautiful designs whilst curating the last Stationery Addicts post, but thought I would save them for another time rather than overloading your precious, stationery-addled brains with too much beauty. I love the dreamy watercolour textured backgrounds paired with the beautiful metallic details on these notebooks, and FYI, she does prints too!

Busy B

Monthly Desktop Planner £8.99
Academic Diary £9.99
Doggy Page Markers £3.50
Weekly Planner Pad £8.99
A6 Notebook (Doggy Design) £4.99
To Do Notes £7.99

Yep, it’s official, new stationery crush right here. Busy B have got my stationery style absolutely bang-on. It’s Paperchase, Kikki-K and Blott all wrapped into one, and I just love the pastel colour scheme which runs through the majority of the collection. I need the Academic Diary so bad, and not just because pastel blue is my favourite colour- it’s a sell-out for a reason! The doggy-themed delights are unbelievably cute, and the patterns featured on all the pieces are so Pinterest-worthy, it hurts. Basically, if you just love being (or pretending to be) organised, then this is the place for you.

Ohh Deer

Gemma Correll Set of 3 A6 Notebooks £5.95
Anchorman Pencils £3.75
I Like You Pencil Case £7

I have loved everything from Ohh Deer since I first discovered them, because their homeware is just something else (feel like I’m using a lot of italics in this post- I think I do this when I’m gushing about pretty things), but their stationery range is equally as eclectic and quirky. Gemma Correll is my all-time favourite illustrator ever, mainly because she draws pugs and pretty much illustrates my life in quirky, animal/food-related scenarios, and I love this set of 3 notebooks meaning you can have a little selection all in one go. The pencil case featuring one of her designs is equally cute, and I actually really want this design as the cushion, but I’ll probably do a homeware wish list separately for that! The cult film and TV show-themed pencils are just the best, but these Anchorman ones are by far my favourite.

Not On The High Street

Personalised Initial Pencil Case £8
Hopes, Dreams and Wishes Desk Jotter £13.95
‘Random Notes of Appreciation’ Notecards £9.50
Stuff I’m Likely To Forget Coloured Notebook £13.50
Don’t Forget Pocket Notebook £14.99
Personalised To Do List Notepad £12.50

Oh, NOTHS (because effort) is there anything you can’t make instantly more awesome? Homeware, check. Gifts, check. Stationery, err… check, check. I just love this site because it seems most of the items are just my style- I love anything different, cute and quirky. Their stationery selection had my eyes boggling and my pulse racing fighting not to just, you know, GIVE THEM ALL MY MONEY, OH PLEASE TAKE IT ALL NOW. I need a personalised pencil case in my life, with a personalised mug to match. I also need a desk jotter that’s not just your standard organiser, but somewhere cute and different to make me creative again. I need to give out ‘Random Notes of Appreciation’ to everyone to spread springtime cheer, and I need the adorable leather elephant-embossed ‘Don’t Forget’ notebook. Oh, and the personalised to-do list, because lists, lists, lists.

Marks & Spencer

Tutti Fruity A6 Notebook £6
Tutti Fruity Ice Cream Shopping List with Clipboard £5
Geometric Concertina File £10
Contemporary Bear and Polka Dot Notebook £3.50
Smiles and Toast iPad Case £10
Set of 3 Geometric Mini Notebooks £4
Strawberry Stationery Box Set £5

And last, but definitely not least, a high-street favourite. Good old M&S, can you do no wrong? I love everything about this place, from their indulgent and unashamedly posh food, to their amazing underwear that will always fit everyone, anywhere and make them feel amazing. Oh, and their homeware. Yes, please. But their stationery collection again had me drooling and clawing at the screen, and it was immensely difficult not to just print-screen the whole webpage and be like ‘Yes, I’d like all of this please. And a 72 year-old hand-reared oak-cured sirloin steak’ (not a real thing, probably).

The Tutti Fruity range just screams spring, and I adore the colour scheme of the Geometric collection too. Even though I don’t have an iPad, this case makes me think maybe I should buy one just so I can show it off in this gorgeous, adorable case. Because 10,000 notebooks are just not enough, the little polka dot number with the cute illustrated bear needs to be added to my collection, along with the ‘I’m a grown up with bills to pay and OOH LOOK A STRAWBERRY THAT HOLDS STATIONERY!’

I hope this session of Stationery Addicts has been very therapeutic and your bank cards have stayed firmly in your purses (although, in fairness, I have memorised my card number. This is most definitely not a good thing at all). Whether you are new to the Stationery Addicts club, or if you’re a returning member seeking solace in the comfort of this post, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on Twitter. If you want a sneaky peak at the other stationery items I’m lusting after, then take a look at my Pinterest board!

Emma x

P.S. Stationery addicts! Did you know that National Stationery Week is happening from 27th April-3rd May 2015? Take a look at their website and Twitter for how you can get involved- I’ll be doing my part by participating in their 7 Days of Stationery challenge- watch this space!

  • HushHush

    I’m sucker for cute packaging. These look gorgeous!

    • Emma

      Me too, it’s my weakness! Glad you like them :)

  • I am SUCH a stationary addict. Didn’t even know National Stationary Week was a thing! And also, how amazing are those M&S pieces!!

    Rhianna | robowecop

    • Emma

      I know I only just found out about it today- how exciting! I know I need them all- the little bear is so cute :)


    Oh my gosh, I love so so so many of these! Been noticing Busy B lately and it is so nice! And also LOVE the M&S painty illustration style! And I will always have a place in my heart for Gemma Correll – what an absolute genius! I think this post has given me graphic design envy!

    Kayleigh xoxo

    • Emma

      I think it’s definitely made me look for more illustrated style pieces being a graphic designer haha- wish I could design stationery that would be my dream job :’) xxx