#ThrowbackThursday with So…? Sinful*


Hi there lovelies!

So, I thought I’d do something a little bit different for this product review today, because it is a brand I remember so well from my early teens and so is therefore a perfect #throwbackthursday opportunity! Any noughties teen will remember having So…? body sprays and perfumes as their one of their first perfume products, and many of us probably still use them because the scents are so classic and familiar! I was really happy to be sent my favourite perfume from the lovely people at So…? to remind me of those good old days…


Whilst high end perfumes have been more my product of choice for the past few years now, when you want to switch up your scent no one wants to break the bank. That is why the cult So…? fragrances are a great little addition if you want to reminisce and take a break from your usual perfumes. I was a bit dubious trying this one again after relying on my Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Parfum for so long, but the moment I spritzed it on, it brought back memories of taking the body spray to school in my PE kit because I thought I’d smell so sexy if I put it on!

Although ‘sexy’ isn’t exactly the word I’d go for now. This is definitely a more fun scent than the sophisticated spritz of Daisy, but as I love sweet, candy-like scents this is still a great match for me! Most people will be more familiar with the scent of the classic So…? Kiss Me but, being the aspiring sophisticated adult that I was, I always went for Sinful every time because it made me feel so grown up at the time as it was slightly different.


The description of the scent claims:
So…? Sinful hosts a hypnotic aroma with top notes of mint and pineapple followed by heart notes of violet and strawberry. A creamy and tempting base note of vanilla, praline and musk completes this spellbinding scent.

I actually think this is a pretty accurate description of the scent, as normally I can’t smell what you supposedly should with other perfumes. The only thing I think is different is the mint, as I personally can’t smell that kind of freshness, but it definitely is quite a musky scent with a bit of lift from the strawberry and pineapple. I can’t really comment on this compared to the rest of the range, as this is the only one I ever really tried, but it works for me!

Whilst I can’t say I’ll be ditching my high end perfumes solely for this (every girl needs her swanky perfume, right?) it’s a great little addition to my handbag if I want to freshen up on the go, and will always bring back the memories from wearing this in my early teens- something you probably wouldn’t get with a £60 bottle of eau de parfum.

You can buy the So…? range from most high street beauty retailers, like Boots and Superdrug, and So…? Sinful is priced at £10.49.

  • I love this fragrance! Its such a great size to throw in your bag but the price range is great so you won’t have to worry about breaking or losing it !


    • It’s the perfect budget fragrance isn’t it? I hate carrying expensive perfumes in my bag incase they get broken or leak! x

  • Haha aww I used to love the So…? range. Not even thought about trying it in years, but it might be nice as a little budget one as you say :) I have Victoria’s Secret ones for that atm, super cute and remind me of being a teenager, which is always fun



    • I know I was the same! It’s nice to be able to use something I did when I was younger and still like it! Ooh I’ve never had Victoria’s Secret but their scents always smell so good when I have a spray in store :) xx

      • If you’re gonna get any, get the Vanilla one. It comes as a shower gel, too, and I just want to eat it haha xx

        • That sounds beautiful- anything that smells edible is a winner with me! xx

  • scents have this power of making you feel so nostalgic! For me it was Charlie Red Eau de Toilette! I can remember carrying a mini size in my school bag and feeling soo sophisticated lol! I still have a bottle now for old times sake! xxx Great Post! xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red

    • Emma

      It’s so true! Haha yeah I felt so grown up carrying perfume in my bag :’) thanks Anisha :) xxx


    Oh gosh! This is definitely a throw back scent! I think I had this, as well as the so kiss me! haha :)

    Kayleigh xoxo

    • Emma

      Haha they were the best! Think everyone must have had these- and Charlie ones too! xxx