Spring Furniture Wishlist: Nautical with Next


Hi everyone!

So, as you may know if you’ve read my ramblings before, I am obsessed with all things interiors (need proof? See here and here). Me and George moved in together over a year ago now, and whilst our decor got some serious attention (matching up colour schemes and wallpaper swatches is my calling), the little extras got somewhat neglected, and we are majorly lacking in the home accessory department. I have always loved Next homeware since before I even got my own place, and would relish the opportunity to have a look round when going to various shopping parks with mum and dad at weekends when I was younger. I have decided enough is enough, and I want some proper homeware things, so I’m making wishlists for all my favourite places, starting with Next.


This is a rare glimpse into my living room! It’s easy to forget how it looked this time last year when we had only lived there a few months. It looks exactly the same now, more or less, but when you’ve lived somewhere for a while it loses it’s ‘wow’ factor! Looking at this photo makes me happy at how good we made it look- the previous owner clearly did not care about the flat and even left mouldy cheese in the fridge for us (bleurgh).

We went for a nautical theme based on the ship that you can just see on the fireplace. My grandma’s partner (who was always like my grandad) passed away at the end of 2013, but he had a lovely flat he had not long moved into, with a lot of beautiful nearly-new furniture. She kindly donated all of this to us, so it would stay in the family and be treated well, otherwise we could not have moved in to the flat until we had saved for all new things. So, every piece of furniture you see here was given to us! We were so lucky to have acquired such lovely things (I LOVE the electric fireplace- you can switch the ‘flames’ on without heat to make it feel cosy even when it’s already warm!) The ship on the fireplace was my grandad’s, as he served in the navy, so the room is like an unofficial ode to him. We used Almond White paint all over the flat, with feature walls in each room to add a splash of colour, so we chose a beautiful Marine Blue for the living room, with the gorgeous grey striped wallpaper.

The porthole-style SONGE Mirror is from IKEA, where we bought most things for the flat in the beginning. I love how it opens up the room, as a canvas or framed image would make it look darker and smaller I think. The potted plant is our trusty ginseng tree, which we bought ages ago back when we lived at George’s mum’s- it barely needs watering and I think a nice leafy plant looks great against any colour room!

Now, onto my Next homeware wishlist! Their spring homeware this year boasts the huge Yacht Club collection, full of gorgeous nautical-inspired pieces for every room in the house. As you can imagine, my jaw hit the floor when I saw all these amazing pieces that would fit perfectly with my living room! Despite the lighter blue on the walls, I think the navy and red theme would still go beautifully with the room, and I have picked my favourite pieces from the collection that we could easily work into our existing decor and budget (apart from the sofa and coffee table- those are more ‘in my dreams’ kind of pieces!)

From top, left to right:

Sonoma II Large Sofa in Soft Woven Stripe £950
Navy and Red Oversized Check Eyelet Curtains £60
Marine Wool Stripe Runner £40-£60
Aqua Glass Bottle £6
Breton Ceramic Kettle £30
Glass Spot Vase £10
Set of 2 Natural Rope Storage Bags £40
Stanton Grey Coffee Table £199
Travel Canvas £20
Fabric Boat Doorstop £12
Message in a Bottle £12
Navy Oversize Check Cushion £16
Grey Stripe Cushion £14

Phew, what a mammoth list! I didn’t anticipate having so many items I wanted (oh who am I kidding, it’s Next, there’s always something else that I want from there) and these would probably make up pretty much a whole room, but a girl can dream!

I absolutely love the sofa and the coffee table. Next do ‘snuggle’ sofas, which are like a large armchair that fits two people on if you want to be cosy (or one person if you and your duvet need more space), and I am desperate for one of these in my flat, but this large on is a bit more practical! The grey coffee table (and the rest of the furniture range in this style) looks so achingly cool, I just want to stack it with cool books and magazines for all the world to see!

We don’t actually have any curtains in our flat, as we are on the top floor with mainly skylights and one main window with a blind, but in my dream house these would be proudly hanging at my ceiling to floor windows (of course). Our cushions are in need of an update, as our trusty Marks & Spencer ones from last year (also nautical themed with a ship on one and nautical stripes on the other two) have been used and abused (mostly by George- he likes to fold them and put them under his head which makes them very lumpy and unattractive!). These two would look gorgeous, preferably on the striped sofa, but also just as good on our cream leather one!

The cute little ship doorstop, message in a bottle and spotted vase are the perfect nautical additions to any living room if you want to get in on the theme without making a huge overhaul, and I would definitely like to invest in these beauties. We haven’t bought any canvases (apart from one in the bedroom, which I have officially fallen out with) for our flat, and I love the beachy, travel-themed one here as it would actually go with the lighter blue walls in our living room!

So there you have it- my interiors lust is officially worn out for today and I’m going to go and cry at my bank balance and under-accessorized living room! Sorry it’s been quite a wordy one, but as you’ve probably come to expect by now I like to gush about pretty things! You can shop the full Next Yacht Club range here– I’d love to know what your favourites are.

Emma x