10 Beauty Resolutions for Spring/Summer


Hi everyone!

It occurred to me today that there are so many new things that I want to change/introduce into my beauty and skincare routines, especially since becoming a beauty blogger. It really does influence you, reading all the amazing posts from bloggers who swear by this and that to get the perfect hair/skin/nails/life, and has made me realise that a lot of changes to my routine are long overdue and desperately needed. It may be March already, but these are my beauty resolutions I will try to stick to this Spring/Summer!

1. Stop using heat on my hair
This is something I have struggled with for so long. If you read my review of John Frieda’s Miraculous Recovery range then you’ll know something of my haircare struggle, and I thought all that I needed was a good haircut and some decent products. However, your hair will only look after you if you look after it, and despite these two things being important factors, it’s not good enough to just accept that using heat products will damage your hair but you can get it cut off in a few months/fix it with miracle products. Curly hair needs to be cared for properly if you want it to stay that way, so I need to get a hair cut to bring the bounce back into my curls, and then STEP AWAY FROM THE GODDAMN STRAIGHTENERS. If just one section of my hair goes straight, I whip them out to curl it into submission, but this will ultimately make it more straight and damaged! It’s hard, because I’m used to having smoother roots and tighter curls towards the bottom of my hair, but if I properly nourish it then I should actually enjoy not having to style it! I’ll be using bendy rollers on the bits of hair that just won’t go curly- you only need to leave them on damp hair for about half an hour whilst you’re getting ready, then take them out and voila- gorgeous curls with absolutely no heat.

2. Cleanse and Repeat
Didn’t you know? It’s not just enough to wipe your makeup away for the day and leave it at that. Was the cotton pad caked in makeup when you thought you’d got rid of it all? Then there’s probably still some left on your face. I’ve only just started doing this, because I could never really be bothered, nor did I want to just use the same cleanser twice over. Get yourself some micellar water, or whatever floats your boat really, and then get yourself a second cleansing product whether it be a face wash, hot cloth cleanser, whatever else is the current trend. Use them both, one after the other, and don’t stop until your cotton pad/face cloth comes away clean. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll feel like an absolute boss/beauty guru/wise woman of the world for doing yourself some good.

3. Exfoliate and moisturise- ALL OVER
I am really bad for this. I’ll exfoliate my legs maybe once a month in the winter, usually when I shave them (yep, just once a month- everyone does this in winter, except I can actually get away with it sometimes because my leg hairs are practically invisible to the not-too-probing eye) and it leaves me feeling like a sex goddess, so why don’t I do it more regularly? I’ll definitely find it easier to do this with the sun starting to peek out a little bit, as the legs will have to come out of hibernation from their fabric fortress and face the glaring light of day. It’s not just legs that need the attention- to really feel the benefit of gorgeous, glowing skin, we need to exfoliate all over our bodies to get rid of those horrid dead skin cells and cellulite rearing its ugly head. And then there’s the moisturising- all that exfoliating goodness won’t feel half as fabulous without smothering yourself all over in something rich and indulgent that smells like you could eat it.

4. Start using eye cream
And not just for an experiment from my mum’s many mysterious pots of lotions and potions (we’ve all done it, even if it was only yesterday). I recently read in Fleur De Force’s Glam Guide about how you should start using eye cream in your twenties to nip the appearance of ageing in the bud, and it occurred to me: I am in my twenties. Like, properly IN my twenties, and I should be doing this. So I unearthed the little pot of goodness that is Benefit’s It’s So Potent eye cream that came in a gift set a while ago, and have started using it whenever I can remember (hey, it’s better than nothing, right?) in effort to preserve my peepers for as long as possible. These things are important, guys!

5. Sleep in hair masks
Now, why I’ve never done this before after my many months of complaining about my damaged hair, I do not know. We have coconut oil in the cupboard, I have a pot of hair mask in my bathroom. WHY have I still never slept in one to reap the oh-so-lovely-sexy-shiny-hair benefits? I need to do this. In fact, I might even bite the bullet and just do it tonight! I was under the false impression that you should have clean hair before applying a hair mask, but it makes sense to do it before washing as you’re going to wash it out anyway. Plus, all the additional benefits of letting your hair’s natural oils work alongside the mask can only be a good thing.

6. Apply hand cream regularly
Now, this is one I had to put in, because I absolutely smothered my hands in hand cream before bed last night and today they feel amazing. Anyone need a hand model? I’m your girl today. My hands get dry and I get eczema on them pretty bad in winter, and for some reason I always forget to apply hand cream as often as I should. This is partly because it stops you from being able to hold anything/use your phone/touch anything shiny for a while once you’ve applied it, but if you use it before bed then it doesn’t matter- yay! Smother loads on until your hands look like they’ve been cocooned, maybe even slip on some gloves if you want all the hand sass the next day. Get you, baby-soft hands.

7. Eat your skin and hair healthier
Anything with vitamin E in is great. Also, good fats such as avocado and coconut oil are fantastic, whether you smush them into your hair or actually eat them. I know all this, so why don’t I do it more? Maybe if avocados weren’t so bloody expensive. But they’re worth it! Much cheaper than swanky supplements, and they’re so damn tasty. Every time you want to cry at the cost of the avocados in your shopping basket, just think of Blake Lively’s hair. There, all better.

8. Drink more water
I have started doing this, and although I’m not really seeing any skin benefits as such, it definitely does you good. It’s helped my bloating more than anything else, and I’m sure you’re aware there’s a whole list of reasons why you should drink more water. 2 litres a day may seem like a lot, but if you have a desk job especially it’s easy enough to do- just fill a big bottle in the morning, and finish it before you go home- done! Don’t you feel smug.

9. Learn how to apply false eyelashes
And make them look good! I have only ever tried them once. I was 13, and they were the cheapest pair of NYC lashes I could find in Superdrug for a friend’s Hairspray-themed party (yep, it was the year the new movie came out and everyone was obsessed). They looked like spider’s legs, and they were self-adhesive so they started falling off almost straight away. I’ve been scared of them ever since, but it’s time I learnt how to apply them properly so I can use them to my advantage for any special occasions… okay, who am I kidding, so I can prance around in my room pretending I have a social life, with my fabulously sultry eyelashes.

10. Start using face masks again
I used to be obsessed with face masks when I was a teenager, probably because the pull of all the different Montagne Jeunesse ‘flavours’ was just too damn strong, and at 99p a sachet? I’ll take three please, and a Wella Shaders & Toners in Ash Blonde whilst you’re at it (00’s teens, the struggle was real). I think they just lost their appeal to me when I started having less and less time to myself, but I’m taking back that time and I want a bath and a face mask, Goddammit! I want to invest in a great one for dry skin, but once the weather gets warmer my skin tends to become more normal, so I think I’ll wait and maybe get one that’s more refreshing ready for summer- any recommendations?

So whilst you’re sat there flicking through The Glam Guide, Love Tanya or your favourite beauty blogs, because #lifegoals #beautygoals #relationshipgoals, try thinking to yourself- should I be doing any of these things? I think everyone can learn from a bit of beauty advice, whether it’s from a celebrity who is your BFF in your dreams, or an actual friend who’s grandma’s grandma’s sister’s cousin passed on this amazing beauty tip. Think to yourself whether you do actually take enough time to take care of yourself and your body, and write a list of your own beauty resolutions- if you do, I’d love to read them! Words of wisdom over. I’m off to pamper myself!

  • I absolutely love this idea and all of your resolutions! I’m awful at fully body moisturising too so I fee your pain – I’m just so lazy and then it gets all sticky and then you have to get dressed and eugh!

    Imii xox // nettleandblackberry.com

    • Haha exactly- it’s so time consuming- I’d rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed! I am going to give it a try though now the weather is warmer and more skin will be on show :’) xx