Fitspiration: Reebok Wish List


Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Today, I wanted to properly start a new series- Fitspiration! I previously wrote a post on my ideal workout wardrobe here, but I wanted to start writing more posts on fitness as I ease myself back into the crazy world of exercise and healthy living.

Having some proper workout clothes that you can wear with pride does wonders for your confidence, because not only do you feel properly equipped for exercise, you look the part too! I can’t even tell you how much it helped me when I bought a pair of proper fitness leggings and a long sleeved top for running outdoors around September time, before my job/life situation got the better of me and I no longer had the time or energy to exercise. I just started going back to the gym this week, and it feels really good to have properly-fitting gym gear that looks flattering even when you’re getting sweaty and stretching in unattractive positions!

An email landed in my inbox from Unidays yesterday. If you’re a student and haven’t heard of them, where have you been? They offer online and in-store discounts to some of the UK’s best high street and even some high-end brands, and it’s free. No more forking out for an NUS Extra card (although some places will still only accept this and no other form of student ID- boo). Their newest fitness brand partners offering 10% student discount are Adidas and Reebok, which is great news for me as I’m always looking for some kind of bargain, especially when it comes to gym gear which can be very pricey!

I love how Reebok’s website divides their range into different sports, as I’m no fitness expert and I’m sometimes not sure what to wear for each different kind of exercise, especially as I divide my time between gym and running outdoors. I have been dancing since I was 7, until my second year at uni and this year when I just haven’t had the chance to go through to Leeds to dance with my favourite society. I competed with them in first year and it was amazing, so I’m hoping to return and make the most of it in final year!



The capri leggings and bright neon trainers are right up my street, and are the kind of things I would wear for a dance class- always love those bright colours! The mesh cover up would look great over the bra top, and I love the clean look of a fresh white pair of trainers with silver detailing.

Dance Strappy Sport Bra £25
Own Spark 2.0 Capri £30
Dance Mesh Moves Cover Up £23
Dance UrTempo Mid 2.0 Trainers £60 – White/Citrus Glow



Yoga is something I have dabbled in over the years, but I definitely want to try it out more as part of my new fitness routine to stop me getting bored and help me tone up! I’m even looking at trying out Hot Yoga (where you take a yoga class in intense heat to help stretch your muscles further) at my local yoga school, so watch this space! I love the dreamy colours of the yoga bra and capris, as well as the beautiful cloud bra- the colour scheme is bright without being too outrageous for a calming exercise!

Yoga Bra £30
Yoga Paradise Capri £30
Yoga Bag £30
Make Your Own Tank Top £30
Cloud Bra £37



As I’m starting to train for my first ever 10k run (I used to regularly run 5k so thought it wasn’t too big a step- I have a feeling I might be wrong!) I need to invest in some better outdoor running gear- I can’t chain myself to the treadmill forever as it’s a grassy run I’m doing! I love the reversible mint-coloured sports bra, and the multicoloured all-terrain trainers are a great investment for outdoor runners.

Spartan Lightweight Compression Top £40
Spartan Reversible Bra £48
Running Essentials Bra £16
Z Dual Rush Trainers
All Terrain Super Trainers £90



Whilst I’m finding my feet back at the gym, nothing motivates me like a good outfit to wear and feel good. I’ve always been self-conscious whilst exercising and think I always will be, but wearing some decent gear definitely puts me at ease and makes me feel more confident. Whilst I love the hot pants, until I feel comfortable wearing those in public I can stick to the bold, graphic print leggings which are gorgeous and look so comfy!

Sublite Train RS 2.0 Trainers £45
Yourflex Trainette RS 5.0 £40
One Series Hot Short £30
One Series Legging £38
Urban Active Legging £27
One Series Bra £25

I wish I could afford to get myself all of these things, but I think I’ll stick to a few key pieces for now- like a decent sports bra and good quality outdoor running shoes. I can’t wait to buy some new things and try out new exercises to get myself feeling fit and healthy again- look out for more fitspiration posts coming soon!

What are your favourites from my picks? Have you treated yourself to any new workout gear recently? If you have any fitness tips you think I should feature on here comment below or get in touch on Twitter– I’m at @emma_buckee and I love getting tweets :)