Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015


Hello my lovelies!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d share with you my gift guide, for those of you who want something a bit different for your special mum, without breaking the bank! This is more of a fantasy gift guide, because my mum always knows exactly what she wants, which although very efficient sort of takes the fun out of finding the perfect gift for her! So these are the things I would love to get for my mum, if I hadn’t already bought her gift…




One of my favourite picks is The Book of Mum from the amazing company  We bought my dad one of these for his 50th birthday last year, and it is a really amazing, unique product which I couldn’t recommend enough. This is basically a personalised book that is partly created by you, with lots of quirky and interesting illustrations and photographs contributed from their bank of artists thrown in, to make an amazing composition that requires very little time to say how personal it is.

They have a range of page styles to choose from, which are both sentimental and humorous, all featuring the star of the show- your mum! I would recommend The Book of Everyone as a gift for anyone, because it is so special and lasts a lifetime- literally- as you can get a digital copy as well as a luxury hardback copy depending on your budget. You’ll have to be quick if you want the deluxe or hardback book as their last date for orders is 7th March, but you can order the digital copy up until the 14th March for a great last-minute gift!

Affordability: Excellent for the quality! Starting at just £7.50 for a digital copy



Jewel Candle is a new discovery of mine, thanks to Gemma at Miss Makeup Magpie who recently posted about their Happy Birthday candle. The concept is fantastic- every candle contains a ring or earrings depending on what you choose, between the value of £10 and £250! All you have to do is burn the candle to reveal the carefully packaged jewellery item, and see what you’ve got- such a unique gift.

I am dying to try one of these out for myself, but they would make a perfect gift for any candle fanatic mum as the scents sound delicious- my favourites on the site are the Cinnamon Bun (Ring) (pictured first- above) and the Creamy Vanilla (Earrings) (pictured second- above).

Affordability: Good! Considering you get a gift within a gift, which could be worth £250, it’s definitely worth the price similar to that of a Yankee candle.


Speaking of candles, if your mum loves buying different candles and experimenting with different colours and scents, why not buy her a Scently subscription? Scently is a new service that delivers a box of 4 hand-poured candles (with or without glass holders) to your door every month, meaning you get to try out loads of different varieties! This is like my heaven and I can’t wait to get my first box, and it’s such a unique Mother’s Day gift idea which can last all year, unless you cancel the subscription (mum will understand if you run out of money!)

Affordability: Depends on whether you keep the subscription ongoing, or cancel the subscription after one or two boxes. £11.99 per month without glass holders, £13.99 per month with. It’s definitely good value for the amount of candles you’ll get over the year!

Superdrug Vitamin E Hamper Superdrug L'Oreal Hamper

Superdrug Argania HamperSuperdrug I love... set

I was really impressed recently when I visited the Superdrug website and noticed they were offering special gift hampers as an offer for Mother’s Day. I’m actually tempted to pick up the Vitamin E hamper for myself, because I love the range! There’s a L’Oreal skin and haircare hamper too, as well as the slightly pricier Argania range and Sleek Makeup Party Box hampers. I think this is such a neat little idea, as you’d usually associate the word ‘hamper’ with Earl Grey tea, chutney and shortbread (not that there’s anything wrong with that either!) but it is instead filled with goodies to make your mum feel totally pampered! This is the kind of gift I wish I could get for my mum.

The I Love… Best Of The Best Collection set caught my eye whilst I was browsing the hampers, and this is another neat little gift I wanted to feature, because it is such good value! My mum loves this range- their hand soaps smell good enough to eat- and I love it as well. At just £7.00 for the set shown above (bottom right), it’s an ideal budget present that looks far from cheap.

Affordability: Excellent! The hampers start from £18, and you’re saving money buying the products together rather than separately. They come packaged in a proper hamper style too, but the website photos of this aren’t very well taken!


Photo credit: Charlie Rachel (Instagram) via Chroma website


I have been lusting after the beautiful range from Chroma stationery for a while now- they are a blogger favourite as they can emboss your blog’s logo (or almost anything you like!) onto their perfect notebooks, which come in a range of colours. This is such a good present for the mum who loves to write lists (mine definitely does!) or just has a penchant for stationery (also true), and you can have a quote or image personal to her embossed on the cover.

One of these notebooks would make such a sophisticated gift that any mum would cherish, and because they can be personalised so well you can make a unique keepsake that makes a beautiful present.

Affordability: Excellent! I was astonished at the low price tag of £7.50 for such a high-quality gift, as they look so expensive!

Bettys Afternoon tea

Photo source

If yours is the mum who has everything or prefers an experience over a physical gift, why not take her for afternoon tea? This is a wonderfully British institution which I personally love- plus it’s so Instagram-worthy! You could take her for a day trip to a country hotel, or if you’re around the London area there are hundreds of swanky hotels or quirky tea rooms to choose from. If Manchester is nearer for you, try visiting Richmond Tea Rooms (read this post by the lovely Sarah to see more!) which I’ll definitely be going to when I come to Manchester with my mum next month!

Because I live in Harrogate, Betty’s Café and Tea Rooms is a massive institution, and with good reason as the sandwiches, cakes and drinks they serve there are irresistible. It’s not cheap, and I’ve only visited a handful of times despite it being on my doorstep, but it’s truly decadent and if you’re willing to queue you won’t regret it as an indulgent treat for your mum! They also have locations in York, Northallerton and Ilkley.

Affordability: Depends on your location, and how much food you want! A champagne afternoon tea in London can cost as much as £99, but at Betty’s it’s far more reasonable at £18.75 per person, and other tea rooms could charge as little as £10 per person. At least you get to join in!


Another option is to buy an experience for your mum from somewhere like Virgin Experience Days, as they have a huge range of experiences for all tastes, such as spa days, afternoon tea deals, or even racing track experiences for the more adventurous mums! I’d love to do this Vintage Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with my mum in London- it’s such a great and unusual idea!


Photo source

A spa day and special lunch or afternoon tea is my idea of heaven, and something I’d love to treat my mum to one day. There’s one for just £39 on the Virgin Experience Days website- very affordable and such a great gift! I bought my mum and grandma theatre tickets, as this is what they both wanted, and I get to go along with them so that’s a bonus! Always a great idea if your mum is into theatre/musicals- there’s so many great productions touring and on the West End if you can catch one, even if it’s not exactly around the same time of year as Mother’s Day- the tickets, or your plans for the day written on a cute postcard, make an exciting gift!

Affordability: As above, there are some really reasonable deals, but you can splash out for a weekend away or a really swanky location if you fancy it!


Photo credit:

Last but not least, we have the most obvious choice but still no less special- the Lush Mother’s Day collection. Everyone is raving about this, and with good reason, because Lush is a brilliant place to buy gifts for anyone, at any time of year!

Although I haven’t had the chance to go in store and smell them for myself, apparently the Yummy Mummy shower gel and body conditioner smell really good. I love the lilac colour of the shower gel, and it’s guaranteed to make mum feel special. The Mother Superior bubble bar, as mentioned in Lily Melrose’s post, looks exactly like a Snorlax (Pokémon, anyone?) which makes me inclined to buy it for myself because it’s so cute- I love the little face!

Lush is always a good point of call to find a gift to make your mum feel pampered and appreciated- even better if you can get one of their ready-wrapped gift sets as they are so pretty!

Affordability: Excellent! Prices start from £2.95 (although you’ll probably end up getting more than just one bath bomb!)

So, there we have it- if I could, I would buy every single one of these things for my mum, but unfortunately I’m not a millionaire… yet! I hope I’ve provided you with some inspiration if you’re yet to buy a gift, let me know if you decide to get any of these suggestions!

  • Really good post, I desperately need some ideas for mother’s day and you’ve definitely given some original products. Thanks.

    • Thanks Emily, glad I could help you with some ideas! x

  • What a great list! I’m getting that candle box every month , and the jewelry candle would be great for my mom. I also love to see lush on any list! Check out my review of the mother superior bubble bar :)

    • It’s such a great idea isn’t it? Lush is always a good idea ;)

  • Great ideas! I would love to get one of those jewel candles for myself!

    • Thanks Renee! Me too, in fact everything on this list is something I’d love for myself too…

  • The book of mum looks so beautiful! I need to check this out. Also, the vintage afternoon tea Bus tour?! Amazing! Thanks for the mention lovely :) xxxx

    • They’re such good quality I loved the one we got for my dad :) I know right! Need to do that at some point in my life! No problem :) can’t wait to go try out Richmond tea rooms soon! xxxx