Ciaté Velvet Manicure Set in Mink Cashmere Review


Hello my lovelies!

If you live in the UK, you’re probably just as confused as I am about the weather right now- where has all this snow come from and when is it going to leave?! One minute the sky is bright blue and perfectly sunny, the next there’s a blizzard of snow and hail coming down- what is going on?! I thought Spring was truly upon us, but I’m going to hold my judgement until the snow showers finally stop.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about one of the items I got at the #RORBlogSwap event I went to last month- a Ciaté Velvet Manicure set- and why it’s a fun nail trend that I had a bit of fun with…


When I took a look at the beauty table at the Blogger Swap, this set caught my eye because I love subtle nude colours for my nails. I didn’t understand how nails could take on a ‘velvet’ texture until I opened up the set when I got home, and there’s actually a ‘crushed velvet’ powder that you apply to wet nails which gives them the velvet finish. I was so interested to try it out for myself!

The nail polish colour that comes in the set is a full size Ciaté bottle in ‘Cream Soda’, which is a gorgeous light grey. I was really impressed that the bottle was full size and not a small one, considering it was part of a set, and this is a colour I would use with or without the velvet powder.


I took the set to mum and dad’s one night, as me and mum had a girly evening planned watching the Jersey Boys movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, as we’re both musicals fanatics. What girly night is complete without some nail painting?

The first step using this set, as with any nail varnish, is to apply a base coat. I love this one from Sally Hansen, as my nails always used to be weak and flaky, forever breaking or flaking off in layers. It is a treatment that can double up as a base coat, and I’ve been using it for over a year now to keep my nails strong- it really does work!

After my base coat dried, I applied one coat of Cream Soda to each nail. I only wanted to use the velvet powder on my ring finger for a matte contrast, so I painted this one last and then carefully sprinkled the powder over the nail, using the little brush included to smooth it over. I don’t think I got as thick a coating of powder as I would have liked, so maybe I’ll apply a thicker layer of polish next time. The set comes with a handy plastic tray to catch the powder residue. I repeated the process on my other hand, et voila! The nails I applied the powder to felt exactly like velvet- I couldn’t stop stroking them!


You can just about see the texture in the picture above, but it is difficult to show. I don’t think the results match that shown on the box, but you can never be sure as that was obviously applied by a professional who has used the product before! I will definitely use this product again and keep practising to get a true velvet finish that lasts- the powder gradually rubbed off on mine, leaving an interesting textured effect on the nail varnish underneath!

The nail varnish itself stayed on incredibly well- over a week without chipping at all and even then only a few chips on the fingers that get more use. I love the subtle grey colour, which is perfect for Winter and Spring to go with all the pastel shades around right now! I am obsessed with pastels, so this is a great colour to complement them.


Ciaté packaging has always been a favourite of mine, because of my huge love for bows (can’t believe I haven’t had the chance to mention this yet!) and sleek yet slightly quirky packaging in general. I love the new packaging from Nails Inc too- have you seen it? I need to add some of their new bottles to my collection!

You can buy the velvet manicure set here in Mink Cashmere, and they also do it in Blue Suede here. It’s something I never would have bought myself, but I’m so glad I picked it up at the Blog Swap because a retail price of £14.99 is quite steep- all I had to do was swap an unwanted item of clothing so it was essentially free!

What do you think of the velvet nail trend? Are you a fan of Ciaté products in general? Would you consider trying this out? What other nail trends have you tried recently?

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  • I live in Canada and it’s been snowing forever so I feel you on wanting warmer weather!
    This manicure set looks amazing! Love the post. xx :)

    • I bet you could do with some sunshine Sylvia! I would love to visit Canada- at least the snow there is deep enough to build snowmen ;)
      Thank you so much! xx

  • The color is lovely on you :)