Lunchtime Budget Haul #4: Cuteness


Hello lovelies, and happy Friday! I am so glad it’s the weekend as I’ve had a really tough week, I have just been tired all the time and it’s been getting me down. Today, I bought a 1.5L bottle of water and am on track to finish it by the end of the day, as well as having plenty of green tea. The healthiness is kicking back in as I just want to have more energy again! Anyway, nothing cheers me up like a budget lunchtime haul, where I take £5 of my hard-earned cash and see what I can buy on a budget, and I am particularly pleased with what I bought this week. Let’s have a look!


I saw some cute socks from Primark on Instagram last week that were pink with a little white frill at the top, and I had been lusting after some of these to wear with my heeled chelsea boots (I wore them to the Rock On Ruby Blogswap and you can see them here) so I can have them peeking out of the top. I was never too sure about frilly socks as they’re very reminiscent of primary school days, but now I’m learning to embrace them! Primark had a whole display of pastel coloured frilly socks when I went in, and I was in heaven.

As well as pastel ones, they also had actual school summer dress-type matching ones like we used to have in primary school! I thought this was a bit OTT, but I think they would probably really suit the right outfit if it wasn’t too girly. They also had some patterned socks with a frill, but I opted for pastel blue with a slight sparkle, and dark navy which are more wearable. I wouldn’t usually buy anything with sparkly material, unless it was an actual glittery dress or something, but I thought it was quite subtle and I think the other pastels were a bit too saturated and not as pale as I would have liked. I am also obsessed with anything pastel blue (like these shoes I bought the other week), so these were perfect! I’m wearing the navy ones today and I love them- such a cheap way to embrace the trend at £1.50 a pair.


My next buy is something I have wanted for ages but never got round to until I couldn’t resist it anymore- my own mug for work! I’ve been using one from the cupboard since I started my internship, but decided I wanted my own ‘work mug’ to take on with me when I leave in a few months to start my summer placement!

This one is from George Home at ASDA, because I work down the road and buy my porridge and tea for work (and other occasional treats!) from there, and passed the mugs the other day. I actually love ASDA homeware, but don’t get the chance to look very often. They have an amazing range, and after a proper look at their new collection online as well, I am officially lusting after everything (there may have to be a separate post covering this new obsession). All the bedding and little accessories, not to mention candles, that they sell are right up my street.


I absolutely love the design on the mug, because I’m sucker for handmade typography and illustration- it’s like something I would hang on my wall! It’s a great size as well, perfect to have my cup of porridge sachet in (best thing ever) and my green tea. The best part? It was only £2, and they have another similar design here so I may end up buying them both! It genuinely cheers me up having it next to me on my desk, and it looks so cute with my pastel blue socks inside it (although not so practical when it came to wanting a cup of tea!). Goodbye dreary work mug, hello adorable, happy, Spring-time mug!


I’m going on a long overdue shopping trip with my mum and grandma to Leeds this weekend, and I have a wishlist of make-up as long as my arm! I can’t wait to see what I end up buying, but a MAC lipstick is high on the agenda as well as a new foundation. Watch this space!

hope you all have a brilliant weekend! What have you got planned? Have you seen George at ASDA’s homeware range? What are your thoughts on frilly socks- are they too much or just hitting the sweet spot?

  • Love the mug! So cute :)

    • I love it! I have a new mug obsession :)

      • I have a mug obsession… there’s hardly room left for anymore but everytime I go out I seem to buy one!

  • This mug is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, I love it! My mum and I love bumblebees and we always tell each other to “bee happy”! :’)
    I’m really enjoying your lunchtime budget hauls, it’s so fun to see what you get each week, and for such good prices too! I think you may have inspired me to give it a go!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)
    – Laurel xxx

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed reading, Laurel! That’s so cute that you and your mum love bumblebees :)
      It’s a great way to treat yourself each week and you’ll be amazed what you can get!
      You too :) xxx

  • Love the mug!!

    • Thanks Renee! I have a mug obsession now haha :)

  • bee

    Oh my word, the BEE HAPPY mug is EXACTLY what I need in my life? Especially as my name is Bee & I run the monthly #happyselves chat! Super excited to track one of these down.
    I am with you on the socks, (nearly replaced the s with a c then; Oopsie!) I never know if I’m going to look like a five year old when I wear them lol!
    Bee ️xxx

    • Oh my god I didn’t even think of that- you have to get one- it couldn’t be more fitting! Haha that would’ve been an amusing typo ;-) they’re difficult to wear so wearing ankle boots with them toughens them up a bit- I couldn’t get away with wearing them with brogues or anything like some people do! xxx

  • I love those socks! I usually pick mine up from Topshop as I don’t leave anywhere near a Primark – in fact I would have to travel into the next county! I’ve just ordered a whole bunch of Asda homeware items and nearly got the same mug! Asda is always the best for bedding too x

    • I love the ones in topshop and river island but thought I’d try the cheaper alternative first! Oh god, that’s a bit far- we used to have to travel but now we’ve got one in the town centre so it’s great!! Ooh how exciting, can’t wait to get some more homeware goodies :) x

  • such a good idea, i may even have a go and see what i can spend on a budget. i do love the mug and specially the socks i can picture them with ankle boots or pumps :)

    • It’s a great way to treat yourself Fay! I love seeing what I can find and you’ll be amazed how much you can get :) x