Real Techniques Brushes: Core Collection Review

Hello lovelies!

Hope hump-day is going well for all of you- today is my least favourite day as I have to work this evening, waaah :( But I wanted to share with you all my favourite new beauty buy- my first ever set of make up brushes! So I am really late to the party with this one, but I’ve always used my fingers to apply foundation and concealer and the brush that comes with my Benefit blushers, so until now I never really thought I needed brushes. However, now I don’t think I could live without these!


When I decided to bite the bullet and buy some brushes, I thought I may as well get a set as they come with a handy storage case to keep them all together. Real Techniques was my first choice, obviously, as anyone who loves beauty knows they are some of the best to buy on the market. I headed to look where you can get student discount through Unidays, and the brush range was also on offer with an additional 10% off! You can see the full range of brushes here, and I’ll definitely be adding some more individual brushes to my collection soon.


So, what did I think of my first proper make up brush experience? My first impression of the set as a whole was that I loved the case they come in, which can be made into a stand as well, but folds over to keep the brushes safe and neat. The bristles are so soft, which makes them a joy to use, and the design is so sleek and appealing.

My first use of the brushes (further down) was a very positive experience and I love the feel of the brushes on my skin. It definitely makes me feel more put-together having used brushes to create my look.


What comes in this collection? (left to right below)

  • Contour brush
  • Pointed foundation brush
  • Detailer brush
  • Buffing brush



These photos are of me literally using the brushes to do my day-to-day make up for the first time, which I really enjoyed as you can tell by my smiley face! This is how I used all the brushes in my make up routine:

  1. Pointed foundation brush

After applying my Benefit Porefessional primer with my fingers (I don’t think there’s much point in using a brush for primers), I squirted a pump of my foundation onto the brush and blended it across my face in a buffing motion (I watched a Youtube tutorial from Sam and Nic, the creators of the brushes, to see how they use them). I can’t seem to get my foundation as even as I would like using this brush, as once there’s foundation on it the bristles clump together and it seems to leave a streaky finish which needs even-ing out  with my fingers anyway. I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of foundation brushes!

2. Detailer brush

This is ideal for applying concealer, which I don’t use a lot of. I used it to layer my foundation under my eyes and on the third-eye spot between my bros, and it’s really neat and handy to cover up imperfections. I definitely need to try using this is a lip brush, as it would be perfect for creating a really neat, bold lip like I’ve seen in Tanya Burr’s tutorials.


3. Buffing brush

Since the first time using it, I’ve actually started using this last to blend in my blusher and apply highlighter. However, this time I used it to apply a thin layer of Benefit Sugarbomb to give a nice coral glow over my foundation before blusher. This is one of my favourites as it is so soft and really easy to use, as well as being incredibly versatile.

4. Contour brush

I don’t usually contour, so I regularly use this as my blusher brush, which works especially well with my Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot palette as the brush that comes with that is tiny! I did try some contouring using the Hoola bronzer in the palette, and I liked the effect but I need a lot more practice with this. I added some Coralista over the top, and the look was complete! I love the shape of this brush as it is slightly angled to a point in the middle, making it great for following the cheekbone in contouring, as well as applying blusher with precision.


On another note, I seem to have a patch of skin on my right cheek that blusher just will not apply to! I can put foundation and primer on with no problems, but it’s like the blusher just won’t transfer onto my face in this area- has anyone else had this, or know what could be causing it?

I am so happy with this brush set, and will definitely be investing in more face brushes to help achieve a flawless base. I want to invest in a good concealer, mainly for under eyes and the occasional spot- does anyone have any good recommendations?

Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know your experiences with Real Techniques brushes and if there are any you would recommend!