Stationery Addicts Anonymous: February

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first session of Stationery Addicts Anonymous; a feature where I will share my most lusted-after stationery items for the month, and all my fellow stationery addicts can view them from the comfort of their own homes without being judged for publicly fangirling in Paperchase, etc, etc.

This is a very real problem in my life, as well as the lives of many of you (you may not be ready to admit you have a problem yet, but I am here to say that it’s okay to be addicted to stationery, and I can help you).

Paperchase-TimeForTea  Paperchase-DenimPlanner




We’ll start with the basics, because who doesn’t love Paperchase? If your addiction centres around quirky stationery (like me), it was probably Paperchase that got you there. I have been an avid fan for many years, and I always come back for more. Stickers, notebooks and scrapbooks are a particular weakness, and I have a habit of buying them and not actually using them because they’re too pretty #perfectionistissues.

Indigo Dreams Luxury Hand-Stitched Journal £12.50

Denim Pocket Organiser £12.00

Hand-drawn Large Multi Scrapbook £14.00

Portobello Rose Scrapbook Kit £14.00

Yummi Sweets Stickers £1.00





All images taken from the Kikki-K website


KikkiK-PinkPlanner02 KikkiK-NotebookKikkiK-LifeIsSweet


So, as I was scouring the internet for stationery inspiration, I came across an amazing blog called Paper Crush by fellow stationery addict, Kerry. Her blog is literally porn for the stationery addict, whether you’re out and proud or still in the (stationery) closet, and you seriously have to check it out. I have found some amazing stationery brands from her blog, including Australian site Kikki-K. They have so many pretty pastel stationery it almost made me weep, and I will have to make some purchases from here for the good of my health. Prices below are in US dollars.

2015 A5 Weekly Leather Diary $27.97

A4 Weekly Planner Pad: Why Not? $9.95

2015 Time Planner: Live Bright $34.97

A5 Essential Notebook 3pk: Life Is Sweet $14.95

A5 Hardcover Notebook: Life Is Sweet $12.95

Fox&Star-CreateJournal  Fox&Star-TravelPlanner

Fox&Star-LondonNotebook  Fox&Star-GildedJournal

Fox and Star

Another brand discovered on Paper Crush, I am absolutely obsessed with this site now. Above are just a selection of their adorable notebooks and journals, and their site is so sleek and well-designed so it shows off the collection perfectly. I now suddenly seem to have a great need for a Creative Journal, a Travel Journal, a Positivity Journal and many, many notebooks…

‘Create Every Day’ Pocket Journal £6.99

Travel Pocket Journal £6.99

Royal Guards Mini Notebook £2.60

Look On The Bright Side Journal £10.99

EccentricFox-MiniSmileDiary  EccentricFox-CookyShop

EccentricFox-CatPens02  EccentricFox-CatPens01

EccentricFox-CatNotes02  EccentricFox-CatNotes01

Eccentric Fox

This brand is really something if you’re into quirky, adorable and unusual stationery all in one eclectic mix. I love pretty much everything on this site, but I obviously had to narrow that down for non-spamming purposes! The kitty cat pencils and the cat notes are the cutest things I have ever seen, EVER, and the smiley diary would always help to brighten my day!

Mini Smile Diary £4.95

Cookyshop Diary £4.95

Kitty Cat Pens £2.35 each

Kitty House Sticky Notes £1.95

So, there you have it stationery addicts- your first session of therapy. Does everyone feel better? Thought so. Don’t forget to come back in March for the next session, and feel free to leave your story in the comments, and how you cope (or don’t) with your stationery addiction. Homework for next time? Follow my Pinterest board to keep up-to-date on my favourite stationery picks until next month, and see which ones I’ll be featuring!

  • I cant go to Paperchase without spending a LOT of money. I love it!

    • Haha me too! Sometimes I have to be physically dragged out of the shop…

  • I need allllllllllllll of that kikki.K stuff like NOW!!!

    • It is amazing isn’t it- all those pastels? I can’t get enough!

  • Omg stop! I need it all! How gorgeous is the kikki.K stuff?! and love the Fox and Star stuff, never heard of them so will have to check them out, especially love the travel journal!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    • Haha I know, it’s so hard to resist! I am so glad I discovered them through Paper Crush’s blog- if you ever need more stationery envy that’s where to find it! x

  • This post right here is why I’m glad that my nearest paperchase is about 3 hours away and in a really inconvenient place!! I am in love with the ‘create everyday’ journal!!

    • You are so lucky, although sometimes shopping online is more dangerous as it can easily add up without realising ;) me too! So sad it’s out of stock right now boo :( x

  • Paperchase is one of the best shops ever! I could spend a fortune in there which is not a good thing for me lol!

    • I know it is my all-time favourite and never ceases to amaze me how much I love it!

  • I love this haha! Such an unhealthy obsession with stationary at the moment. I suppose it comes with being a uni student- but whenever my loan comes in, I’m straight past topshop and newlook and straight to paperchase

    • Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers to spend their money on stationery ;) it is definitely a great excuse to buy loads of pretty things you tell yourself you’ll use even if you never do! Ahh student life! x

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  • Caz

    Hi Emma,

    I love stationery and thank you so much for sharing your favourites. I’m always on the lookout for potential new addictions and I think I will check out Fox&Stars and Kikki K. My insiders are Paperblanks (for arty and sophisticated journals), Paper-oh (natural materials and a mature line), Smiggle and WAFF for bright, fun and happy stationery.
    Happy Sunday and hope to speak soon. x

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

    • That’s great Caz! Glad you enjoyed reading :) thanks for your suggestions I’ll definitely have to look at those!
      Hope you’ve had a great weekend :) x

  • And you’re in Leeds, too. Not one but two Paperchases. If you’ve not been, take a trip over to Manchester. Not only is their Paperchase enormous (three floors), but the stationery buyer at TK Maxx there is a lot better than the one in Leeds. I get a lot of my goodies at TK Maxx, but I’ve basically given up on the one in Leeds because I haven’t found something I liked there in months. Huddersfield’s is very good, and more convenient than Manchester.
    /local advice for local people.

    • I love the Paperchase in Manchester- the first time I went I was blown away! I need to take a look in their TK Maxx though, that sounds amazing :)

  • I’m a stationery addict too! You’ve found some amazing bits and I want them all!

    Gem x |

    • Thanks for reading Gem! I want them all too- my bank balance is going to hate me! x

  • I shouldn’t of looked! Such pretty goodies ;)

    • A lot of people are having this problem Charlie- including myself! Can’t wait to write another of these next month :)

  • B.Brittain-Marshall

    Hello there Emma, smitten with every piece of delightful stationery here…as you might imagine would be the case for a fellow addict. :) I’m a huge fan of the lost art of letter writing and all things paper. Stopping in and waving hello from Canada. Lovely to meet you.

    • Emma

      Hi Barb, thank you so much for reading! I am too, I love handwriting things whenever possible and just having things on paper in front of me :) there’s a new post coming on Saturday if you want some more beautiful pieces to look at!

  • Samio Olowu

    Ah, so much pretty stationary! I always buy it and never use it, does that make me a stationary collector of some sort?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing such cute notebooks. I now have my eye on a few of those from Paperchase. =D


    • Emma

      Thanks Samio! Don’t worry I do the same- maybe I should mention than at some point haha- when it looks so pretty it seems a shame to use it! Keep a look out on Saturday there’s a second post coming I think you’ll like :) x