Lunchtime Budget Haul #2: Interiors

Hello everyone- it’s Friday!

Hope you’ve all got that Friday feeling and are looking forward to the weekend, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or not. I will be celebrating with George in our own little way- cooking an M&S Dine In (yum) and then heading out for a few cocktails afterwards if we feel like it! But I know Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and it is after all a bit of a non-holiday as you should be sharing the love with everyone who matters to you every day of the year!

So, last week I started my new Friday series ‘Lunchtime Budget Beauty Hauls.’ Well, I have had a slight rethink, and thought: why should I limit myself to just beauty? I want pretty home things/jewellery/stationery too! So from now on, the series will simply be the ‘Lunchtime Budget Haul’ series. This is where I take £5 out with me on  my lunch break, and spend it on whatever I fancy that day. This week, I wanted pretty home things, courtesy of the new Spring home collection from Primark. I absolutely love their ‘Spring Bedroom Refresh‘ as it’s exactly what I plan on doing to my bedroom to perk me up and banish the winter blues! How gorgeous is the set-up below, taken from the feature on their website?

Primark Interiors

Whilst I’m on an interiors inspiration hype, look at these gorgeous displays I spotted in Marks & Spencer yesterday! The colours are a bit brighter than the muted hues of Primark’s collection, but this definitely fits my personality better- I’m a bright colour magpie!



The wooden plaque above and the beautiful floral canvas in the top image are my favourite pieces, and I’ll definitely be considering these for when we redecorate our bedroom later this month! You can buy the wooden plaque here and the floral canvas here– both are very reasonably priced even if not quite Primark’s price range!

I also had a sneaky peak at the Valentine’s displays of cards, gifts and flowers (some of the special flower bouquets are incredible!) I love all the pinks and reds, and it’s the only time of year you get to see all the beautiful love-themed products- they have some great little gifts.


Anyway, now on to my Lunchtime Haul after getting sidetracked on my interiors obsession! I knew I wanted some new candles as almost all of my favourites have burnt out (I burn them almost every night now- how did I ever live without them?!) and whilst I know Primark ones won’t last the longest, I nearly passed out when I saw the price tag on these adorable little jars- 80 PENCE! You read that correctly- a candle in a jar, with a lid (I photographed them with lids off- damn!) for less than £1. I obviously had to buy more than one, and was tempted by the rest of the range as even the largest are only £3, but I wanted to get more with my £5!

I decided on Pineapple & Ginger and Sweet Vanilla & Coconut- partly because of the lovely muted cream and grey colours, but also because they both smell amazing. The Pineapple & Ginger one has such an unusual, exotic smell whereas the Sweet Vanilla & Coconut smells good enough to eat! They come with little silver lids to perfectly complement the colours- they have pretty pastel pink and dark red as well.



I also wanted some little fairy lights, as when I was at the Rock On Ruby Bloggers Meet in Manchester last weekend they had some simple little LED lights up and I loved the simplicity and warmth they add to a room. Alex from Champagne and Lemonade (a fellow candle addict) suggested I try Primark, and she was right! For another jaw-dropping price tag of £2.50, I got a line of 40 LED lights shown in the background of these photographs. I can’t wait to hang these up in our bedroom once we redecorate, but for now they may be popping up in a few more blog posts as they make my photos look so pretty- a great prop!



All of this actually came to £4.10, but I bought a pack of batteries for the lights which were only £1 for 6 (how long they’ll last, I don’t know, as they were Primark’s own brand) so it came to £5.10. Still- what an absolute bargain for some cute pieces of homeware and some batteries too!

I’ll be lighting my new candles and putting my lights somewhere in the living room for our Valentine’s Day meal at home tomorrow night- I bought them just in time!


I can’t wait for next week’s haul, which will probably be a beauty one again as I’ve got my eye on a few things…

Have a great weekend everyone!