Lush Cosy Christmas gift set review


Hello lovelies! So, I know I’m a bit late to the party here with reviewing Christmas gifts, but I have been giving the products in here a good run since the festive season so now I’ve got a proper review for you all, ready for next year! The products in here may only be around once a year, but the type of product are sold in Lush all year round, so it gives any Lush newbies a good idea of what to buy right now.


I was so thrilled when I saw how beautifully packaged this gift is- not that I expected anything else from Lush- their packaging is always so original and pretty! The material used to wrap the box can be used as a hair or neck scarf too- bonus! I asked my mum for a gift that included mostly shower products (I’ve lived in my new flat a year now and can count the number of baths I’ve had on one hand- I’m definitely a shower girl!) and she delivered- shower gel, shower jelly and body lotion are all things I can make use of.


The ‘Celebrate’ body lotion has a good-enough-to-eat thick and creamy texture, and smells like a citrus fruit basket- it’s a very vibrant, pick-me-up scent and I love it! Not enough in this little pot to be smothering it all over though, but it makes a great hand cream.

‘Hot Toddy’ is the shower gel of my dreams. Like washing with mulled wine, this is literally a hug in a bottle, and the scent lasts for ages! It’s got a lovely red sparkle to it that doesn’t show up on your body, but it just makes me feel really festive when I use it. I actually bought a larger bottle of this in the sale after Christmas and stupidly left the bag, which also had 2 brand new pairs of River Island leggings in, on a train! I got the bag back, but the shower gel was missing and I was gutted.

The ‘Snowcake’ soap smells beautiful, but this will be going back to my mum as I’m not a solid soap person. It looks like a baked alaska and smells good enough to eat, too!

I have never tried Lush’s shower jellies before, and now I can’t see why not! I didn’t think having this much fun in the shower was possible, but this little guy has certainly perked up my morning routine! ‘Snowman’ shower jelly smells delicious and is nice and moisturising, but the fun part is using the wibbly-wobbly jelly to wash with- you can either lather it up like a soap or rub it straight onto your skin.


So, whilst Christmas may be long gone for another year, I can certainly recommend Lush’s shower gels, jellies and body lotions to those who have never tried them before. The quality is most definitely there, and easy to see, as well as the scents of beautifully natural ingredients shining through! I haven’t made a Lush purchase in quite a while but this is a turning point- watch this space!

I went to my first ever Bloggers Meet-up in Manchester today, hosted by Rock On Ruby, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it- coming soon!

Did you receive any Lush Christmas gift sets? What were your favourite products? Have you got any Lush product recommendations for me to try? I’d love some ideas!