Winter Wonderland: Keeping toasty in the snow!


Brrr… it’s cold outside! And it’s snowing in wonderful Harrogate today, oh joy! I am not a fan of the snow for practical reasons, but it does look very beautiful when you wake up to a fresh blanket outside your window. It just annoys me how everything comes to a stand-still, all because people aren’t prepared for the slightest sprinkling of snow! I say: get your wellies on, get the parka out, stick some gloves on and go brave it! I know driving in more remote areas can’t be easy, but there’s standstill traffic on perfectly clear roads because people decide now is the time to forget how to drive. Well, that’s my rant over, and now onto how I’m keeping warm and snuggly not just today, but for the whole of the winter :)

SONY DSC My newest purchase for our little home was a sale bargain from Paperchase, one of my all-time favourite shops EVER. Me and my friend went in there to look at birthday cards, and came out with one of these each! This little bottle has a tea light fitting at the bottom, so all you have to do is unscrew it, slot your candle in and screw it back in, and it looks beautiful! I lit it on snowy Saturday morning- doesn’t it look pretty against the condensation on the window? Unfortunately, it’s sold out now as the sale has finished and I couldn’t find anything similar, but it’s worth looking in your local independent interiors/gift shops for quirky buys like this- my favourite is Butterfly Kisses in Harrogate. SONY DSCSONY DSC Since we moved in last February, I have developed a candle obsession and my collection has grown ever since. We now have: x2 Yankee Candles x2 Yanklee Candle wax burners x1 Lily-Flame candle x1 Glade candle Phew! That is a LOT of candles! Sadly, my Vanilla Cupcake Yankee and the Glade candle are on their last legs because I’ve burnt them pretty much every night this winter. However, this just means I can replace them with brand new ones! Lily-Flame do the most beautiful range of candles, sprays and diffusers, with so many original scents, and since George bought me one for Christmas I am totally hooked. I have the Jack Frost candle, which just smells like winter and all things cosy, and I light this one every evening to chill out after a hard day at work. The tins that they come in are so beautiful, and they have all different colours so naturally I want to collect them all! SONY DSC SONY DSC The next ones on my list are their Dolly Rocker and Love scented tins, and the Mango Fandango reed diffuser. How great is the watercolour illustration of the Dolly Rocker candle? I love products illustrated in this style. Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 14.09.52 Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 14.10.44 Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 14.11.18 The best thing about these candles is the little coloured wax chips inside that make them look so beautiful before they’re even lit! Also, they don’t give off a load of black smoke like Yankee Candles tend to do- so another bonus as they look and smell beautiful all the time. Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 13.57.22 I have already written a post about my love of tea, but I’m going to bang on about it a bit more because who doesn’t love a hot drink in this weather? Yesterday, I had a horrendous headache and normal fruity tea just wouldn’t cut it. When someone at work offered me a Double Choca Mocha from their personal stash, I had to accept. And a Maryland Salted Caramel cookie to go with it? Yes please. It did actually cure my headache for about half an hour! greentea Even though green tea may not taste very nice, it is so, so good for you, so I’ve been trying to drink more of it. I have had it plain before and found it really difficult to get through, so I bought the new Tetley’s version with peach and apricot flavour- much more bearable! All you have to do is Google green tea to find out the health benefits, so it’s definitely worth a try! And you know what else is keeping me warm today? The fact that I am handing in my notice at my waitressing job tonight! YEESSSSSS!! Anyone who knows me knows how much of a drain this has been on my personal and social life, and after saving up all my earnings from doing freelance work I am finally in a financial position where I am able to quit! I want to get back into running and join a gym again because I miss exercise SO much (I’m always too tired to do it when I have the time!), and I want to devote more time to my freelance work and blog. So, although it is FREEZING outside, I am pretty toasty right now :) Is it snowing where you are? How do you like to beat the winter blues? Have you got any Lily-Flame candles, what do you think of them? Keep warm, everyone!