A Lovely Weekend: York & Family Time


Hello! I’ve had a lovely weekend, starting with finishing a hectic shift at work on Thursday night and being able to chill out and watch some films with George on Friday! We watched Rain Man and the start of Castaway (one of my favourite films!) I really enjoyed Rain Man, and was surprised at how well Dustin Hoffman portrayed his autistic character- definitely worth a watch and gave me a lesson on autism which is something I didn’t know a lot about until watching this film.

So, my Saturday started with a photoshoot for my new set of beauty posts that I started here if you haven’t read it yet. It was great to get my camera out and get back into photography, making little arrangements with my favourite beauty products! It was a snowy morning in Harrogate, but it didn’t really settle, although it did look really pretty from my living room window- I posted a photo of it on my Instagram featuring one of my newest purchases from Paperchase- post coming soon!


I was glad that the snow didn’t settle, as later in the afternoon I was going through to York with my mum and grandma to watch Navi: King of Pop! Me and my brother bought them tickets for Christmas as we’re all huge Michael Jackson fans, and after me and mum saw him last year, we were excited to go again. We started off with hot chocolates at Costa (love my 25% discount as I work for the same company that owns Costa!) before heading into chilly York for some retail therapy. I bought some amazing new shorts (see later in this post) using up the last of my River Island Christmas gift vouchers (I got so many- in my element!) and had a fab time in Boots covering my hand in lipsticks deciding which one I wanted to buy! In the end, I decided to wait until I’ve actually been paid, but some of my favourites are here (in Rose Vanity and Entry VIP) and here (in Raspberry Blush)- definitely on the wish list!


We went for an early tea at La Vecchia Scuola (Italian for The Old School), which is a fantastic Italian restaurant that me and mum tried on our visit to Peter Andre back in October. This time, I tried the Spaghetti Bolognese and was blown away- it was absolutely delicious! My mum had this as well, and my grandma had pasta with seasonal vegetables which she loved. Here’s mine pre and post-parmesan- gotta love the cheese…

IMG_9592    IMG_9593

We had a glass of vino each, and then me and mum had the amaretto panna cotta for dessert, and grandma had tiramisu- all of which were gorgeous.


Then it was time to stroll to the Grand Opera House for the show. I love the theatre, even if a lot of the shows I see aren’t particularly ‘sophisticated’- it’s just what we like- to have a bit of fun and a dance with other people who feel the same! The ceilings in theatres are always beautiful, and I love this one in York.


So, my opinion on the show? Fabulous. I’ll start with the slight criticisms I had first; the two dancers with Navi were shocking really and didn’t seem to know the routines well enough to perform them properly. As a dancer for most of my life, I am quite critical as I have seen so many amazing performances by non-professional dancers who could blow them away, so I think next time around he needs to ditch them and get some new talent! Also, poor Navi has been doing this for 27 years and he seemed a bit knackered after the more energetic songs- think he just needs to hit the gym a bit more, bless him.

On the much more prominent positives- the passion in Navi’s performance and the fact that he knew MJ personally really makes the show- he really loves what he does. He really shines on his own without the dancers, and his mannerisms on stage are spot-on for Michael- he must have studied him for years to get them so perfect. The first time I saw him I was a little spooked out at how similar to MJ he looks, but this time I was more used to it, despite him coming down the aisle and performing just a few feet away from us! Our seats were brilliant- just a few rows from the front so we got a great view for the whole performance. My personal favourites were Billie Jean (can’t resist the white glove), Man in the Mirror, and Bad. I now have a renewed MJ obsession! I’ll definitely be going to see his tour next year again, as the tickets are really reasonably-priced- see for yourself here.

So overall, we had a really great day in York, which is one of my favourite places in Yorkshire.

I was working all day on Sunday, as usual, but my grandparents were having a get-together at their house to celebrate my mum, uncle and cousins’ birthdays this month, so I went there for the evening. We all bring little bits of food and drink to put together a yummy buffet tea, finished off with a slice of my grandma’s homemade Victoria sponge- divine!

IMG_9606    IMG_9604

I wore my new shorts from River Island, which you can buy here, and my favourite LBT (Little Black Top) also River Island from last year’s sale with mesh inserts on the sleeves and body (couldn’t find anything too similar, but I’ll also be wearing my cold-shoulder black crop top with these shorts, which you can buy in grey here). My little frilly socks are a Primark bargain purchase (similar from River Island- going with the theme- here) and my boots are my newest favourite footwear purchase from Clarks (reduced to clear now here)- I got them for an absolute steal as my feet are slightly odd sizes anyway and they picked up a mixed pair of 4 and 4 1/2 for me which got them reduced down to £14.99- from £70 originally! Clarks are amazing quality for boots and shoes, and I always spend hours trying on in there when the new collections come out.

A great weekend for me then! Back to work today and tonight though :(

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend? Make any great buys in the last of the sales? Let me know!