Time for tea


When I’m sat at a desk all day every day in an office that is sometimes on the uncomfortable side of chilly (we’re in the basement), the temptation to fill up on stodgy food and hot drinks to keep warm and stave off boredom is quite high. Because I work with a bunch of creative-types, they fully live up to the cliché and are obsessed with coffee, so the kettle gets put on at least 3 times a day. Fortunately, I’m not a caffeine person unless the flavour is masked by sugary syrup and so much milk that it’s barely even coffee (which comes at a hefty price from Starbucks or Costa), so I stick to fruit tea during the day to keep me warm and hydrated without the richness of normal tea (which I still love, just not as much and only I can make it how I like).

Me and George went to York on New Year’s Day, and as we walked past Whittard I decided to pop in and see what was on offer in their sale. I always go in their store at York Designer Outlet but can never bring myself to spend a lot of money on tea and hot chocolate, as hard as it is to resist! But on this day I was hungover and tired, and just wanted to buy something to perk myself up! I opted for the Dreamtime Instant Tea (I never even knew this was a thing until now!) which was £4 for a decent-sized tub, and Baked Apple fruit infusion tea pyramids which weren’t in the sale and at £4.75 they’re not your cheapest student drink option, but I wanted something to brighten up my first week back at placement!

Dreamtime Instant Tea

After getting over the initial shock that you could buy instant tea, I tried this when I got in from work to get me ready for bed. First of all, it smells delicious- all fruity and sweet but not sickly- and it tastes even better! I wasn’t sure that the 3 heaped teaspoons it suggests was too strong at first, but after trying it another few times with less, I’ve decided it’s just the right amount :) It’s rare that when something like tea claims that it has certain flavours that it actually tastes of these, and this was one of those cases. You can taste honey, apricot and vanilla just as it says, and it’s basically just a big warm hug in a mug.

Baked Apple Tea Pyramids

These were very exciting, as they have actual fruit within the lovely silky bags, so you know it’s the good stuff. I love a good warming apple flavour, and these definitely deliver. Again, there’s a lovely creamy vanilla flavour there, as well as the warming flavours of hazelnut and cinnamon. It makes me happy that there’s actual bits of fruit in the bag, not just powder where anything could be mixed in, so it’s all natural flavours which is great! It’s just a lovely, comforting drink that just tastes so good, I’ll be very sad when mine run out- I’m currently limiting myself to one a day to preserve them for as long as possible, which is very difficult!

I can’t wait for the next time we go to York Designer Outlet, as I’m definitely going to try some more flavours now I know how good they are! I particularly want to try the Dreamtime hot chocolateRocky Road hot chocolate and the Peach Melba instant tea, so they are next on my list.

What kind of hot drinks do you guys prefer to get you through the cold weather? Let me know your recommendations!