My Favourite Things: Christmas 2014

I know I’ve been a bit quiet recently because my last few weeks at placement before the Christmas break were jam-packed and I didn’t have any time to post! I’m still planning how to write about all the amazing things I experienced in New York, so I’ll skip over that for now, but I can’t wait to write about all my favourite places!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year surrounded by friends and family- mine was, but I’m still a bit sad that I didn’t get the chance to do more with my loved ones this year. Despite the fact that I had the Christmas period off my waitressing job, I still feel the same thing I’ve felt since I’ve started, which is that even when I’m not there I resent having to work there because it takes up my evenings which are full of desperately-needed free time after a long day at work. The people there are lovely and the tips are great, but when I look at the rota and see my whole weekend taken up there, it makes me sad of how much time doing the things I love with my friends and family or relaxing I’m missing out on.

However, now we’re heading into the New Year, it makes me feel very positive that I’ve made it over 4 months doing 3 jobs without caving in and packing it all in to become a hermit in my bedroom cupboard forever. Also, this means that, even if I don’t get any money from my placement, that I can save up and quit waitressing in just 3 months’ time! I’ve already done 3 months there- I’m sure I can make it another 3.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my favourite things that I am the most grateful for from my Christmas time this year, during the time I did get to spend with my friends and family (my favourite Christmas pressies are coming next time!)

Our beautiful Christmas dinner table

I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas day with and visiting all my lovely family, despite the fact that I was struck down with the flu over the Christmas period, with the lowest point on Christmas Day! Still, I forced myself out of bed and went to mum and dad’s for breakfast (Gruyere croissant with bacon- mmmm…) and we had a lovely Christmas dinner cooked by dad as always. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste it much and didn’t feel well enough to eat it all, but it was still really appreciated and it looked SO good!

IMG_9214 IMG_9211 IMG_9223

My amazing boyfriend and his cleaning skills

When I’ve been at work in the evening, the last thing I want is to come back to a messy flat, and after spending Christmas eve evening at my parents’ this was no exception. Luckily, George came to the rescue and he tidied the living room and made it look all Christmassy when I got back! It’s not very clear in the photo, but I walked in the door to a lit Christmas tree, lights round the fireplace and a beautifully clean flat. We spent Christmas morning together opening our presents and watching The Grinch before we headed off to our separate families for the day, and it was lovely sitting together with the fire on all cosy!

IMG_9192   IMG_9197IMG_9194

Mulled wine and Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

I made a new discovery a few weeks before Christmas- Peanut Hottie’s peanut butter and chocolate drink! They sell it in Sainsbury’s and I had been eyeing up both the plain and chocolate varieties for a few weeks before I decided it was worth the price, and it is! It says to make it with boiling water but there’s no texture to it and it doesn’t taste as good, so I pour boiling water 3/4 the way and top it up with milk so it’s not too unhealthy, and still delicious!

Mulled wine was my saviour on Christmas Day- I’m not a fan of the false lemon flavour of Lemsip but I wanted a warm drink to numb the pain so dad got me straight on this after breakfast! It’s the perfect temporary cure for sniffles and a sore throat, and I may have had more than is acceptable but I felt so ill I couldn’t tell the difference between drunkenness and the general disorientation I already had- any excuse!

IMG_9099   IMG_9206

Leeds German Market

I thought I wouldn’t have time to go this year, but I managed to blag a night off work to go with some friends to my favourite Christmassy place- the German Market in Leeds Millennium Square! I just love all the little wooden huts filled with beautiful things (especially food!), and the atmosphere is great even outside of the ginormous beer tent. We scored a little spot inside the hut selling mulled wine- perfectly placed to serve our addiction! I love the little mugs- next year I’m going to keep mine and not get my £2.50 deposit back, but I was too poor to do it this time ;) We also got some amazing churros with chocolate and caramel sauce, which were delicious, and also some fresh donuts as we left to find somewhere cheaper for a drink!

IMG_9079   IMG_9081

My Christmas jumper!

I bought my Christmas jumper from Sainsbury’s last Christmas and it has served me so well since then! It is oversized, thick and snuggly, and perfect for chilling out in or spreading the festive cheer around! I wore it to the German market and also to work on a few occasions, and wore it to keep me warm during my fluey Christmas time.


My lovely family

I still managed to spend some quality time with my family over Christmas, and even got to help mum and dad decorate their Christmas tree, meaning I got two opportunities to feel festive with Mr Bublé in the background (it always has to be his Christmas album while putting up the decorations!).

Every year, me and mum go to the Specsavers Christmas party and get the chance to dress up! This year was a James Bond themed evening and, while there wasn’t much to behold theme-wise, the food was good and we got to have a catch up and a dance to some of our favourites- Olly Murs included ;)


Decorating our flat for the first time

The first Christmas in our flat was so lovely- we had such a good time decorating the tree and I loved switching the lights and our electric fireplace on and being cosy in the dark and warmth! We got our tree and decorations from M&S, John Lewis and Next- I love our Christmas bunting which was on display in Next- it was the last one and I just had to have it!

My dad bought us the cute light-up characters on the fireplace- they are so adorable and they change colour whilst they’re lit :)

10801920_10152660474173141_8606721792676566953_n   IMG_9140

My crazy and wonderful friends

It’s my friend Carrie’s birthday a few days after Christmas, so we always get together to celebrate! Although I was still quite poorly, I went round to catch up and have a drink with everyone before they headed into town, and we had a great time playing Cards Against Humanity and catching up. I wish I could have spent the rest of the night with them!

We had our traditional Christmas curry get-together at Carrie’s so we could order from our favourite take-away and snuggle down to watch a film, as well as having a good old game of Cluedo- just what I needed to round off the Christmas festivities.

IMG_9240   IMG_9263

Christmas morning

It was so lovely to spend Christmas morning with George before we headed off to our separate families houses for the day, even though I felt like death! This was the sunrise out of our window, which was the perfect start to the day- I love the view across the park from our flat.


The Caboodle Creative team

I came in on Christmas eve to this little card and two cupcakes on my desk, and it really made me smile. We have ongoing jokes about The Muppets in our office, and our mutual love of Muppet Christmas Carol became evident in the lead up to Christmas, so this was the perfect card for me! It’s nice to know they appreciate the fact that I’m more than just an intern- they’re always joking about how much work I do for the fact I’m unpaid, and it definitely makes the situation more bearable!


I hope everyone had a lovely festive season- now I can’t wait for next year to see what has changed!

Now let’s see what 2015 brings… Hopefully pugs.


  • Such a shame that you weren’t feeling well on Christmas Day :( Lovely pics though and I love all the decorations!! If you’re in Leeds any time soon we should have a catch up! Not seen you in forever :( xxx

  • It was quite annoying! Tried to carry on as normal and forget about it when I could :( Thanks Sarah! Yes definitely, well I’m only a short train ride away so we should definitely get something arranged for one evening- get everyone together again! xxx