Christmas cuteness

I’m just adding this post as a little test, because I want people to be able to see my first two GIF attempts! A GIF, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a moving image created frame-by-frame- essentially an animation. I’ve been working on these two for the Whole Caboodle Christmas e-card, and I’m quite pleased at my first try!



And of course, I haven’t forgotten that I’ve been to New York and there are numerous posts to write about that! All in good time…


  • Hi :)
    These GIFs are great :) I’m teaching myself how to create these in Photoshop for a Uni project!! Fingers crossed i get the hang of it hehe! Im a huge fan of some of your freelance work too :)

    Georgia x

    • Hi Georgia, thanks for looking! I found it surprisingly easy (if a little frustrating) to get the hang of making GIFs but so fun when they come together- good luck with your uni project! Thank you that really means a lot :) x