Working from home

So I thought I’d do an extra post this week as I’ve been working from home this afternoon because the internet is down at work for the third time this week! I also came home early on Monday as I was in the middle of a job when I needed some images from the internet- typical. Not that I’m complaining as it gives me more time to write a post on what I missed out from last week, which is quite a lot as it turns out!

But first, I thought I’d share some pictures of my two favourite teas which I enjoyed on this cold, damp day! I first tried the Blackberry & Elderflower tea when my mum got a sample and I loved it, so when I went to stock up on my office fruit tea supply and I saw it in ASDA, I had to splash out! (No, I’m not a normal graphic designer because I don’t drink coffee!) It’s only 50p more than Twinings tea and has a really nice delicate but fruity flavour, so definitely worth it. I also made myself a cup of Twinings Digest tea when I came home from work, which has peppermint and fennel in so it’s great for drinking after a meal, but I just drink it whenever I feel like it. The candle in the picture with my mug is a Glade Apple & Cinnamon one that I bought at the weekend- a bargain for just £2! It smells amazing and has a lovely pattern on it that looks very Christmassy :)

IMG_7930 IMG_7932 IMG_7952 IMG_7939

I also stuck on Love Actually whilst I was designing a Christmas card for a motor group this afternoon- that counts as work, right? Christmas research and all that! It’s definitely one of my favourite Christmas/guilty-pleasure-all-year-round films, apart from Muppet Christmas Carol of course!

So, back to last week. Firstly, my mum and I were very lucky to get tickets for two of our favourites- Olly Murs and Take That! They’re both touring around Easter time, and we’re seeing them in Manchester just one month apart from each other- pretty exciting :) I know a lot of people tried to get tickets, especially for Take That, so we are definitely lucky to have been able to get both, and we can’t wait! I love both of their new singles, and Olly’s new album is great as always!

olly-murs-press-shot-2014 take-that-2

Mum took me to see a touring musical theatre production called ‘Beyond the Barricade’ at the Grand Opera House in York, which is a group of 4 ex-performers from West End, touring and international productions of the most famous shows, including Les Miserables. They performed songs from shows like Miss Saigon, Wicked, Little Shop of Horrors, Jersey Boys and of course, Les Miserables. I really enjoyed it and, although no one can perform Wicked like the West End or Broadway so I wasn’t particularly impressed with that, they really did justice to Les Mis which is one of my favourite musicals too!

Last week, I bought a diffuser to attach to my hairdryer to make drying my hair curly easier, especially for when we’re in New York. It was supposed to be ‘universal,’ but it certainly wasn’t even close to fitting either of our two hairdryers, so it’s clearly only for salon-style ones with a thinner nozzle. I returned this and have bought a Babyliss Dry and Curl 2100 hairdryer instead, and I’m going to try it out for the first time tomorrow morning. I’m excited to use a diffuser as I’ve never had one before and they’re supposed to be really good for curly hair. My hair doesn’t dry naturally curly as well as it used to, and I never have time to let it dry in the mornings so if this option works I’ll be a very happy girl! I’ll write a review in my Friday blog post, and I’ll also be reviewing the new John Frieda Miraculous Recovery hair products I bought at the weekend!


As usual, here’s my cute thing to end the post- how adorable are otters? I also heard that they have a little pouch in their coat where they keep their favourite rock- now THAT is cute!