It may be far too early to get excited about Christmas…

…but I am SO excited about Christmas! I don’t think I’ve been this excited for the past few years, because this time I have my own little flat to decorate, and I am all about the Christmas decorations! This has been going on for a few weeks now, but yesterday I was bored at work and I started a Christmas Pinterest board of all the things I want to buy! When we get back from NY, we’re using our (hopefully) leftover money to buy Christmas presents and decorations. Hopefully we’ll have enough left over for presents after buying all the decorations ;) I am also in love with the amazing wrapping paper and cards in Paperchase (no change there- anyone who knows me knows it’s my all-time favourite shop), so I may as well share a few bits on here from my board…

foodpaper londonpaper sproutpapersprouttags

Now I’ve chosen my three favourite wraps from their website because they’re actually on 3 for 2… what a shame! Guess I’ll have to have them all… and the sprout reindeer tags to match because CUTE. Think I’m gonna buy a load of empty cardboard boxes and just wrap them up to look pretty under the tree…


Speaking of which, how adorable are these little guys? Both are absolute priorities on my decoration wishlist- the mince pie is from Paperchase and the Santa from M&S (I saw him hung on a tree in there yesterday and he’s even cuter in real life!) I’ve spotted a beautiful tree from M&S- a thick green pre-lit tree that is just Christmas personified and I can’t WAIT to buy it!

As for work-related happenings this week, I’ve worked on two different website designs so I’ve learnt even more about design for web- it just keeps going! It’s my favourite thing to do at the moment, because I’ve still not had a lot of experience and getting to have a bit of creative freedom makes it quite exciting too. I WISH I could share them on here, but I won’t be able to until the sites go live unfortunately! The account handler for one of the sites essentially wants it to be a carbon copy of another site, but I’ve tried to steer him away as much as possible with my own little tweaks, and it seems to be working as I’ve managed to keep some of the elements I came up with in there- we shall see!

I’m a bit concerned that in the New Year a new web designer is starting, which means I’ll probably be kicked off my desk and my mac and shoved into the room next door with the Finished Art department and no work to do… can’t say I’d be thrilled about that! I’ve already heard them talking about how they’d have no work for me to do in there (they seem to forget I can hear everything they’re saying from across the way…) so that would be a cracking start to the new year… Still, I guess this is where the ‘Showing Initiative in Work Related Problems’ skill in my industry portfolio comes in, and a chance to prove myself- possibly.

Two new freelance projects have presented themselves this week. My cousin asked me to design a logo for her band, Purple Hazard, which I am still working on, but I designed this gas mask icon as the main image and she’s happy with it so far! My work for Wild Goose has also attracted attention from another outdoor activities brand, which I have done some initial logos for and this will hopefully lead into a full branding project- fingers crossed- it would be great experience!


It was so quiet at my waitressing job on Sunday evening that I actually got to leave over an hour early- needless to say I was thrilled after already being on my feet all day at Specsavers. It was slightly busier last night, and I managed to get some decent tips to put towards my weekly NY clothes-buying fund! I’ve got my eye on this scarf from New Look- they do it in a few different colours but I think classic red, black and white is the way to go as it will go with more.


The start of this week was dragging, but soon it will be Monday now and that means…


I’ve tried not to rant about it too much, but it has been my dream for nearly my whole life to visit there, and I just can’t hold it in any longer! My life is currently consumed with thoughts of what we’re going to do, what I’m going to buy, what it will be like… I really can’t think about it enough. I’ve now got a Pinterest board for all things NYC too, and there’s a brilliant first-timers guide on there if anyone is going there in the future.

So after nearly THREE YEARS of trying to arrange to get together since we left college, I finally got to have a reunion with my amazing girls! I hadn’t seen Chloe and Laura since my first year at uni, and they hadn’t seen Olivia or Lorraine since we left college, so a catch up at Banyan with burgers and wine was well overdue! We had a lovely little reunion selfie after the best evening of chatting, laughing and catching up…


The lovely Laura has set up a photography business, Lumiere Photographic, and they’ve done some amazing pet portraits- I would highly recommend them! Laura was always amazing at photography in college (the photography studio and dark room were our favourite places), and it’s fantastic to see that she’s now doing it as a job!

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We went to visit the set of Hunters Prayer, a new film directed by James Cameron, that was being filmed in Harrogate this week down in the beautiful Montpellier Quarter. We couldn’t see much as they had security at every entrance (and it was pouring with rain), but we saw all the marquees and trucks with ginormous cables and lights in them, and the Swiss street scene they had set up here:


Another highlight of this week for me was the new Sainsburys Christmas advert- it by far tops all the rest- sorry Monty! George bought us a bar of the special edition chocolate yesterday, with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion- what a fantastic idea and cause!


I’ve been on a dog hype again this week, because I now have TWO new little cuties to obsess over! Unfortunately, little Poppy who is the teeny-tiny Yorkshire Terrier at George’s mums,’ has to go back to her owner in a few weeks as they’re only looking after her while the owners move house :(:(:( But I’ll hopefully get a few more visits in before then because she is just so adorable!



The other little cutie is George’s sister Becky’s boyfriend Shaun’s new puppy, who is a fluffy little cloud cross between a German Shepherd and a Husky! She doesn’t have a name yet, but me and George could not get over the off-the-chart cute levels we experienced with her- again- LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE! Unfortunately, she will grow ginormous, unlike little Poppy! Until next week…