The awkward first post

There was always going to be one- the awkward first post introducing me and my blog. So here it is!

I’m Emma Buckee, a 21 year-old Graphic and Communication Design student at University of Leeds, currently in my third year during which I am working in industry to make sure I’ve not made a terrible career choice. I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with my boyfriend George and our growing collection of Disney toys and Harry Potter merchandise (in place of a tiny fluffy dog, which I desperately want).


Basically, I’m not your average student. I lived in halls during first year, which was great to start with before it all went badly wrong and I ended up moving out after Easter. I then lived with my parents until second semester of second year, when me and George bought a flat together and moved in! This means that I have bills to pay- more than the average student bills- which is not ideal when looking for a work placement as many of these are unpaid.

Unfortunately for me, I’m one of the unlucky ones who had to put up with an unpaid internship, for fear I wouldn’t find anything else! The lucky part is that I found somewhere local, who are a brilliant company and were willing to have me for the full year, so I decided to go for it. With the measly loan placement students get from Student Finance, and my Sunday job of 5 years at Specsavers, I could only just afford to pay bills and have literally nothing left over to spend on anything else, so I knew I’d have to get an evening job.

I started out cleaning for 2 hours every evening straight after work, but I absolutely resented being an office’s personal slave who would clean up after their microwave explosions and collect their dirty coffee cups and dishes. I applied for loads of different jobs- even KFC and Pizza Hut Delivery (that was a low point- and I got rejected from both! The shame…)- and eventually got offered a waitressing job (I’m not going to go into details as if they read some of this they’d probably fire me). I left the cleaning job with a weeks’ notice (met with an incredibly sarky email from the boss, who accused me of having no self integrity or consideration for other people- that was lovely of him) and started waitressing 2 weeks ago.

My internship is at a place called The Whole Caboodle, which is a creative, digital, recruitment and PR agency (they do a lot of stuff) just outside of town (makes it great for lunch dates). They have two resident boxer dogs, plus a few others who regularly visit- heaven for a dog lover like myself? I think so!


I started on 26th August, and I’m currently working with the creative team, down in the basement, which has been great so far and I’ve already learnt so much! The work isn’t always particularly creative, but you have to do the boring stuff in between the good stuff, right? I’ve worked on some great projects already- packaging design, webpage design and posts for social media- all things I had barely touched upon before. Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff isn’t live yet, so you’ll have to take my word for it! I did design this social media post for Cloud Nine, one of our biggest clients, which was their most liked and shared post EVER- that was a proud moment :)

Birthday comp fb 3

This blog is basically here for me to document the various goings-on in my life as an intern/optical assistant/waitress/freelance designer (occasionally) and, whether anyone reads it or not, it will be my weekly vent/rant from my busy life, with some design work thrown in for good measure.

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you for reading and well done- go and have a biscuit!


Now I’m going to start a post on what I’ve been upto this week- it’s been a busy one!