Reasons I love Autumn

Reasons I love Autumn

I think as children we're all conditioned to love Summer. This is usually because, in the UK at least, Summer is when the longest school holidays are, and when we might go away with our families or spend long days playing with our friends. With no homework! Win, win! And for me, it's also when my birthday is. However, once I neared my 20's and the buzz of school holidays and birthday parties started to die down, I began to fully embrace what I've always known deep down: I love Autumn.

At the risk of sounding like every Buzzfeed article ever, I'll try to keep my reasons for loving autumn as personal and non-generic as possible, but of course if you're here reading this you might just find these relatable:

That moment when you realise Summer is over

You leave the house without a jacket, as you've grown accustomed to. Walking down the street, you start to notice the very tips of the trees are slowly turning yellow, as if they've been set alight in slow motion. You become aware that you don't feel uncomfortably hot, or uncomfortably chilly. But then, suddenly a breeze sweeps by that makes you just wish you'd brought... a light jacket.

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

Digging those cosy favourites out of the wardrobe

I'm one of those people who gets very upset when Summer threatens to leave and the weather turns cooler for a week, before changing its mind and coming back with a vengeance in the form of a 30 degree heat wave. Why? Because I've already dug out my favourite jumper and hat, dammit! Am I just supposed to put them away again?! Frustrations aside, when it's finally time to don an extra layer or two, I really am my best self. Throw a pair of boots into the equation and * chef's kiss * it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

The love/hate relationship with the nights drawing in

At first, I must admit, I find it difficult to acclimatise to the evenings getting shorter and seeing the sun fade much earlier in the day. It comes as a shock to me every year, even though I know it's coming. But once I've begun to embrace the benefits of shutting the curtains, lighting some candles, and getting all cosy before turning on Bake Off, all that worry melts away like the marshmallows in my hot chocolate. Whilst working from home for the first time in Autumn last year, once I got used to looking up from my laptop at 4pm and realising it was pitch black outside, then taking myself downstairs to the sofa to continue working under my blanket with the heating at juuuuust the right temperature to keep me snug.

That 'back to school' feeling

Call me strange, but personally I always loved going back to school. I am a self-professed nerd, and the idea of getting my new timetable and getting stuck back in to learning (or, more accurately, painting- how many creative subjects is it acceptable to take at A Level? Asking for a friend) was just as exciting for me as breaking up for the Summer holidays. I think it's intrinsically linked to buying new stationery and new clothes, and probably why even now I still feel compelled to invest in a new Autumn 'uniform' and a brand new pen/notebook/folder/memo board. I just feel like it's a great time for a new start as the leaves begin to turn.

Those delicious, sunny, cool days

My absolute favourite weather is sunny, with just enough cloud cover that you're not squinting all day, but cool. Cold enough to be wrapped up in a hat, scarf and coat, but not so cold that you can't remove your hands from your pockets without wearing gloves. You only really get those sort of days in Autumn, even though Spring is on the other side of course. It's the rich, decadent colours of the changing leaves, crunching underfoot as Autumn turns to Winter. It's sprinting from the car into the house in the pouring rain, shutting the curtains and putting on dry pyjamas as the afternoons continue to shorten. I think that's what makes it feel extra special.

Is Autumn your kind of season, or are you already counting the days until Summer begins again? Or maybe you're a total Christmas cheer master and Winter is more your thing? Drop me a tweet if any of this resonates with you!