When it comes to jewellery, I wear quite a bit but it’s usually my staples that I wear every day; a white gold and diamond heart necklace that George bought me for my 15th birthday (n’aww), my Pandora bracelet that has great sentimental value as all the charms were bought for me by friends and family, my white gold, blue topaz and blue sapphire Ernest Jones ring that I got from my family for my 21st last year, the Marc Jacobs watch I bought on my trip to New York in December, and the Thomas Sabo simple chain bracelet with a heart charm that George bought me a few years ago for Christmas. However, I now have some new beauties to add to my collection…

Buckley London mesh bracelets with tag

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Hello lovelies!

I wish I could say I felt renewed and refreshed after an amazing anniversary weekend away, but whilst the weekend was fabulous, being back at work is not! It was so lovely to have some time off with just me and George, but coming back to reality is definitely not as fun. Truthfully, I’d rather be sat in our ginormous comfy bed, drinking tea from the Emma Bridgewater mugs and eating shortbread in our branded robes, but sadly the whole of life can’t be this way. WHY OH WHY?! Anyway, life moans aside, I’m really excited to share with you a lovely brand who I know you’ll love if you haven’t heard from them already- Chroma Stationery.

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Hello everyone- it’s Friday!

Hope you’ve all got that Friday feeling and are looking forward to the weekend, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or not. I will be celebrating with George in our own little way- cooking an M&S Dine In (yum) and then heading out for a few cocktails afterwards if we feel like it! But I know Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and it is after all a bit of a non-holiday as you should be sharing the love with everyone who matters to you every day of the year!

So, last week I started my new Friday series ‘Lunchtime Budget Beauty Hauls.’ Well, I have had a slight rethink, and thought: why should I limit myself to just beauty? I want pretty home things/jewellery/stationery too! So from now on, the series will simply be the ‘Lunchtime Budget Haul’ series. This is where I take £5 out with me on  my lunch break, and spend it on whatever I fancy that day.  View Full Post