Hello my fellow foodies!

Ahhh, despite my undying love of stationery, it does feel good to be writing about something else for a change! Back to my biggest love- food. April was dominated by recipes I’ve found from other bloggers and saved to my ‘Recipe’ collection on Bloglovin (genius), as I feel like I’ve exhausted Pinterest for a while. Let’s see what I’ve been gracing my kitchen with lately…


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What's Cooking? March edition

Hello my lovelies!

It’s that time again- my third instalment of What’s Cooking? is here! If you haven’t seen these posts on my blog before, this is a monthly feature where I share with you what new and exciting recipes I’ve been putting together in my little kitchen. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some baking (yay!) and I’ll share with you what I made and my thoughts on the recipe.

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Hello everyone! Congratulations on making it through January, it’s been a tough one as everyone I know seems to have been ill this month, myself included, but I hope you’re all looking forward to February and to spring making an appearance very soon :)

I haven’t really mentioned this before but I LOVE cooking! I have always loved food, but since moving in with George- a year ago today!- I have gained a real passion for cooking, as I never like to use processed sauces or stick-in-the-oven food wherever possible. So, at the start of January I set myself a challenge- to cook a new recipe for every evening meal for the whole month. Being in a bit of a non-routine from waitressing, interning, and optical assistant-ing meant that I was cooking the same things, or not really cooking much at all if I was working that night. I wanted to find some new favourites through doing this little experiment, so that I can expand my cooking repertoire for the future, and I am pleased to say it has worked! View Full Post