What's Cooking? May

It’s that time again- happy June everyone! New month means new recipes to share with you all, and as always I’ve been amazed with the new delights I cooked up in May. Doing these monthly posts makes the months seem so much shorter- it feels like yesterday that I was writing up my recipes for April! View Full Post

Fitspiration Ultimate Running Playlist
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It’s been a while since I wrote a post in my Fitspiration series, but with my first 10k run fast-approaching, I’ve been back in the saddle (or sports bra) to prepare myself for this huge challenge. I can’t believe I have been blogging for over 6 months and have never mentioned anything to do with my taste in music- I love music, and it is a huge part of my life- and it’s time to share my (slightly very eclectic) playlist with the world. I physically cannot run without music- even when I’m running with someone, talking is just not the one when hurling your sweaty self around. It has to be motivational, and keep me running when I feel like giving up, so without further ado I present my ultimate running playlist! View Full Post

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely Spring weather (if you’re in the UK, anyway!) I know it puts me in the mood to eat better and be more active, although it takes me a while to get used to it! There’s always that one definitive day when the warmer weather officially begins, and I’m never prepared for it, so when it happens I lunge for the first thing I can find that isn’t made of thick wool and realise there is no going back- those jumpers are not coming out until Autumn, whether it goes cold again or not- I am determined!

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the convenient range from breakfast gurus MOMA!* I’ve started eating breakfast when I get to work, as I’m never very hungry when I get up in the morning, so these are perfect for those on the go or for keeping at your desk.

MOMA Breakfast 1

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What's Cooking? March edition

Hello my lovelies!

It’s that time again- my third instalment of What’s Cooking? is here! If you haven’t seen these posts on my blog before, this is a monthly feature where I share with you what new and exciting recipes I’ve been putting together in my little kitchen. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some baking (yay!) and I’ll share with you what I made and my thoughts on the recipe.

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Hi everyone!

I wanted to post this on the last day of February, but had an incredibly busy weekend so here I am on the 2nd March! At the start of January, I set myself a challenge to cook a new recipe for every evening meal to discover some new favourites and extend my repertoire from my standard recipes. You can have a look at how I got on here. In February I wanted to continue cooking new recipes for me and George to try, so despite revisiting some of my favourites from January, I have also tried and tested more new meals. View Full Post